Monday - Jan 25, 2021

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Thank you Sharks for another great year!

Thank you Sharks, thank you everyone.  It’s been another incredible year for!

Our growth has soared again.  We started the year with approximately 18,000 members, we closed the year well over 27,500. Just another fantastic year at FantasySharks.

We again kept our industry leading tools going, added more dedicated staff, ramped up the Fantasy Leagues to another level, and upgraded our server over and over and over again.  We also expanded our radio and television coverage.  All while keeping the site free to all of you!

We’re certainly not done yet!  Every offseason Tony and the gang continue to work behind the scenes in preparation for next years NFL season.  Things are already in the works.  There might be an offseason for you, but not us.  So, stay turned.

Although the main site won’t be updated as frequently we won’t be totally out of touch on football.   Periodically, as it warrants, the site will be updated with new NFL content.  Players that move from team-to-team, spring training camps, the NFL rookie draft, and so on.  So check back from time-to-time to see what’s happening and don’t forget to keep an eye out in the message boards.  If important news happens, the Tank knows about it!  The Tank never sleeps, in season or out!

I’d also like to put out a special thanks to all of our Whale, Great White and Megalodon Sharks.  It’s an unbelievably terrific community thanks to all of you. You’re daily advice helps everyone, and your commitment to them is just over the top. 

I would be remiss, if I didn’t also take this opportunity to thank the entire Shark staff.  It honestly takes a small army to pull this off every day. They all do this out of love and not money. 

To ALL of our fans and members:  Thanks for another GREAT year!  Thanks for checking in everyday.  Thanks for keeping the message boards going.  Thanks for all of your praise and comments throughout the year.  This continues to be a great experience for all.  Like I said, we hope to see you periodically throughout the off-season and of course in full in-season mode mid-summer. 

So, when you start preparing for your fantasy football leagues next season just remember our motto:  There are two types of Fantasy Owners: Sharks and Chum, which are you?

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