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The 2007 Preseason All Lundy Fantasy Football Team

First of all, let me explain something for those out there
in simpleton land. This is not an all-star
list of players that I think will be the best at their position. Honestly, how in the hell is that going to
help you out? Unless, you have 7 picks
in the first two rounds, it isn’t going to mean a hill of beans to your teams. Also,
this isn’t a list of sleepers or super sleepers or players that will never wake
up. These are players at each position
that you have an opportunity to draft and have on your team, if you play your
cards right.

There may be a few on there, that you think that my antenna
doesn’t quite go to the top or my elevator doesn’t receive all its channels or
something like that. Anybody that knows me,
knows that have a different way of thinking, and not above making ridiculous
predictions. Basically what this boils
down to is a list (or team) of players that even the last place drafter will
have a chance to stock their teams with, therefore maximizing your team’s
potential. Simply put, you will love
having these guys on your roster.


So without further adieu, here is the 2007 All Lundy Love


Jon Kitna,




This one seems kind of obvious and it is. I never said this was meant to shock you,
just help you, and Kitna can be easily had.
Just look at his situation: Mike Martz is calling plays, there are two
awesome receivers to throw too and a scrapper like Furrey to get the first
downs, and a defense that won’t stop anybody.
With that kind of talent surrounding him, and Detroit
probably playing “shootout” football, I could easily see Kitna putting up
pretty good numbers.


Note: If Culpepper gets traded or picked up by Detroit.


Quarterback Honorable
mention: Jay Cutler


Thomas Jones, Running

New York


Can someone please explain to me why this gentleman doesn’t
get the respect he deserves every year in fantasy football? All he ever does is
consistently give me points from the second running back position. Definitely, not a crime in my book (Yes,
believe it or not, I can read.) Think about this; Thomas Jones is in an even
better position than even last season.
No longer does he have the luxury of looking over his shoulder for a
“million dollar baby” to take his job.
Not only that, the offensive team around him is better, especially the
line, and when I evaluate running backs, I count the line as a huge factor in
running back analysis, and the Jets line is pretty good.


DeAngelo Williams, Running Back,



If you are looking
for that value pick, that will bust out in a big way, look no further than this
cat at running back for Carolina. Last season, I gave you Gore,
and this season, I give you Williams.
However, if you are thinking that you can get him in the later rounds
like you selected Gore last season, don’t count on it. A lot more folks than me
are high on this kid, but he could easily be had after the third round.


Running Back Honorable mentions: Ahman Green,
Marshawn Lynch

Chris Chambers, Wide Receiver,



Christina was a major
disappointment last season as Miami shuffled through quarterbacks and had to
deal with the Saban coaching fiasco.
Well, some would like you to believe that it was his entire fault. I am
not one of those people. It is obvious with anybody with two left eyes that he
was in a bad situation, while Culpepper and Harrington decided to take years to
decide where to throw the ball. Well,
that isn’t going to be a problem this season as Trent Green will cure what ails
Chambers. Once Trent and Chris gets on the same page, Chambers will become a
viable fantasy value once again


Reggie Brown, WR,



When I read the
report about McNabb returning to practice, I was dancing a jig in the street,
as I am sure many fantasy owners of Mr. Brown was doing. You want a break out receiver you can get on
the cheap this season. Well, look no further than the services of Mr.
Brown. As good as Westbrook is, he can
not do it all. With L.J. Smith ailing,
he will be the number one target on many plays.
McNabb has a comfort zone with Mr. Brown that he does not have with any
other Eagle receiver. Donovan is going to make this kid a bonafide star.


D.J. Hackett, WR,



When looking at this
kid, I see a ton of potential and talent as he shown in flashes at times last
season. The fact remains, he has to prove it to fantasy owners by getting us
numbers. Not only do I think that he
will do it, I think by the time the season is over, he will have become the
number one target in Seattle surging past the overrated Branch. One thing is for sure, is that
Hasselbeck will throw it where he is comfortable, as he showed many seasons
with Darrell Jackson. The next Jackson in this offense is Hackett not Branch. You heard it here first, or read it, since
the paper can’t talk.


Wide Receivers Honorable mention: Brandon
Marshall, Braylon Edwards, Mark Clayton



, Tight End,

San Francisco


Talk about a freak of nature. Well, when you are built like
a Mack Truck with the speed of a Porsche, only good things can happen, if you
have a good head to match. While the
wussy wide-outs are on the sideline with a hangnail, Davis
is becoming Alex Smith’s best friend in workouts. After a rookie year of seasoning, Davis
seems to have the nuisances of the game down.
If he has figured that out and a man of his talent lets his instincts
take over, watch out! In Fact, mark this
down with a crayon, pen or whatever writing utensil you have. Vernon Davis will end up as the number 2
tight end in fantasy football this season.


Tight End Honorable
Mention: Owen Daniels

I Hate Kickers

Seriously now, you shouldn’t be
picking a kicker until late anyway. One
kicker is about as good as another one.
With that, let’s move on to defense.



Broncos, Defense

Always a defense that goes under the RADAR, the Broncos seem
to find a way to make their owners very satisfied. Not much into analyzing defenses, as I just
usually play the match-ups off the waiver wire every week


(Note: I am aware that
a lot of you do not play in I.D.P leagues.
Do yourself a favor and get into an I.D.P. League. It will increase your fantasy satisfaction
index by 200 percent. It is simply the most awesome way to play fantasy
football. By adding another whole new
dimension of strategy to the game, you will find yourself even more involved
with your team. So acct now, and find an
I.D.P League near you. Your mother would
so proud of you.)


So, there you have it: The 2007 Preseason All Lundy
Team. No, they are a team of can’t miss
all-stars. They are a team that, at any
draft position; you could have the opportunity to maximize your draft value by
stealing these players. Isn’t that what fantasy football is all about; finding
the best value for your team?


If you have any hate mail, complaints, death threats,
or if you just want to drop a line telling me how awesome I am; email me at Lundylove@msn.com. I might even answer some of your deepest
darkest fantasy questions as long as it is about football.

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