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The 2008 Shark Tank Mock NFL Draft

it! Quit mocking me! I am telling you that it is not funny, especially when
there are a gazillion mock drafts all over the internet. So, what do we do, we
compile, yet another mock draft for you to ummm, mock at your perusal. Really
terrible puns aside; we searched for some of the brightest minds in the Fantasy
Sharks community to pick for the respective favorite teams. However since we
couldn’t find any bright minds, we settled for what we got. Sure, I could have
done a whole mock draft by myself, but what is the fun in that. Besides, this
is my chance to mock all of them for the picks. Also, I think this gives a
better feel for what each team is thinking, and you can not circumvent the
draft by giving your favorite team what you want them to have. Sorry Cowboy
fan, there is no way McFadden is dropping to Dallas. Perhaps, the best
reason is that fans are supposed to know more about their teams then just a
general fan. At least, you would think so. So, here it is for your mocking
pleasure, The 2008 Shark Tank NFL Mock Draft.

Disclaimer: The following picks
and analysis is not my responsibility and do not reflect the opinions of or myself, unless otherwise noted.

Miami Dolphins

Team Representative: r3b3lli0n

Team Needs: OT, DE, CB, WR, S, QB, LB

The Selection: Chris Long, DE, University Of

Analysis: A team coming off a 1-15 season and
having a history of poor drafting for the most part of the last decade has
needs all over the place. With no clear-cut must draft player at #1 the
Dolphins do well with Chris Long to improve a defensive line that maybe sooner
rather than later will lose perennial Pro Bowler Jason Taylor, to another team
via a much sought after trade, or to some other television show. Long has the
physical tools, the work ethic and, what tipped the scales for me in his favor,
the pedigree. Having been coached by a Parcells guy, (Giants, Patriots, Jets)
Al Groh, should only make the pro-transition easier for a player with so many
things going for him already.

Lundy’s Take: Well,
here is someone that doesn’t believe all the reports that they will indeed pick
Jake Long and not Chris Long. Or, maybe he is a Dolphin fan that hid in a cave
and has no idea what is going on. If I was a Dolphin fan, I would have last


St. Louis


Team Representative: TaZZ

Team Needs: DE, OL, CB, S, WR, OLB

The Selection: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State University

Analysis: The Rams have not had a defense that can
even be considered solid in a long time. Most of their needs are on that side
of the ball and they make an effort to correct it right here. Gholston is a
physical freak (6’3, 266) with speed in the mid 4’s and strength in the top of
the draft class. He’s also a natural pass rusher (14.5 sacks including the only
one Jake Long surrendered last year). Putting him on a team which managed only
5.5 sacks from their DE’s last year would be HUGE. Though physical freak
doesn’t always mean an awesome football player at the next level (Vernon
Davis), I believe he is the real deal and will instantly improve all aspects of
our defense. No longer will QB’s have all day to pick our secondary apart.

Although some would say OL is a bigger need for the Rams,
I disagree. Our line, when healthy is average, not spectacular, but we have
worked to improve it. Signing Jacob Bell ( G, from TEN) will add some nice
depth, as will getting back the 6 guys that were on IR. Jake Long is a terrific
prospect, but drafting OL this early is often a huge risk (Robert Gallery). Most GM’s believe that building OL in the later rounds is the
best way to go. So, the pick is Gholston over Long.

Perhaps, I am the only one, but I think Gholston is overrated, but
you did cause the Raider drafter to blow a gasket, and that in itself makes me




Team Representative: Bohern

Team Needs: QB, TE, OL, DL

The Selection: Jake Long, OT Michigan

Analysis: The Falcons need a Quarterback, but with
Long on the board this is too good to pass up. The senior offensive tackle gave
Michigan 3 Offensive Lineman of the Year awards in the last four seasons. In
his last 26 contests, he allowed just three QB sacks and was panelized only
once on 1,743 offensive plays. Bottom line the guy is smart, good and durable.
He will make a fine addition to a team that is also in desperate need on the
offensive line. This pick should make new FA RB Michael Turner feel better and
whoever is drafted for Falcons at QB in round two.

I am shocked! I am stunned! You know you wanted to pick Matt Ryan but
you are just afraid to admit it to all your online friends. I will let you all
in on a little secret. Bohern has a secret Matt Ryan shrine.




Team Representative: SJSwarm

Team Needs: DE, OT, OLB, C

The Selection: Darren McFadden RB Arkansas

Analysis: Giggle all you like ladies, IF the 1st 3
picks went like they did in this increasingly ridiculous mock, the Raiders will
take McFadden and then move him. He will be a Raider for about as long as Eli
Manning was a Charger. I would expect if the 1st 3 picks play out like this we
will take DMC and look to trade him to whoever takes Keith Rivers, Derrick
Harvey or Ryan Clady, who all fill our needs better than DMC.

And, Here is the Raider fan blowing a gasket. This guy really does
have a Gholston shrine, and the Rams fan messed that up for him. Thank you Rams
Fan. Here is some good advice. Don’t you
dare say McFadden to his face! You will never live to tell about it.

Kansas City

Team Representative: OarChambo, rodg

Team Needs: Umm, everything

The Selection: Ryan Clady, OT Boise State

Analysis: For years KC received rave reviews on
their Offensive Line but those reviews included the words “but aging”
for a few too many years. Well, age caught up to them, all at once, and in a
hurry. The rebuilding project begins in the trenches. Clady should be equipped
to handle anchoring the left side of the line for the next decade. If not,
what’s great about most OL’s, he can move to and learn another position.

: Clady! Clady! Wow, what a reach! However, to be fair, trades were not
allowed in this draft and the Chiefs will explore their options. Of Course they
could have used my hero of the draft, Sedrick Ellis

New York Jets

Team Representative: jetsman2806

Team Needs: DE,OLB,CB,QB

The Selection: Matt Ryan QB , Boston College

Analysis: The selection of Matt Ryan says a lot
about what the Jets think about Kellen Clemens who did little to impress anyone
when he got the starting job late last year , he had lead the Jets to only 9
touchdowns out of 88 drives. Ryan is a cool & calm game manager with great
work ethic. He isn’t the best fit for a vertical passing attack (which the Jets
have not had in years), he is more of a marksman, who can pick apart a defense
on short to intermediate throws. The Jets managed to address the biggest need
during the FA signing period by acquiring Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins, Alan
Fanaca & Damian Woody . The Jets have 64 sacks in the last 2 seasons (23rd
best in the league), so getting to the QB has been a problem since Mangini took
over. The pickup of Calvin Pace to play OLB and with David Harris & Bryan
Thomas should help putting the pressure on the QB. The addition of Fanaca &
Woody to the offensive line would help to improve the protection that both
Clemens & Pennington lacked last year.

I can’t stop laughing. I keep looking and I still see the Jets taking
a QB. What, the awesome arm strength of Pennington wasn’t good enough for you?
Clemons doesn’t take enough HGH for your liking. You all need a QB like I need
a case of Ringworm.


New England


Team Representative: Lncr78

Team Needs: CB, OLB, ILB, OG

The Selection: Derrick Harvey OLB, Florida

Analysis: In the end I think the Pats find a way to
trade out of this pick. But if they get stuck, I think they pass on the CB’s
here and go with some youth and speed at OLB. Harvey provides Belicheck and
company an opportunity to move Adalius Thomas or Mike Vrabel to ILB while not
losing much in the area of pass rush. It makes the LB core much younger and
faster right out of the gate. Although he might be used in pass rush situations
early, I think Harvey could easily fill out and become a Demarcus Ware type.

All, I want to know is how good he is at video editing? You do need
young linebackers. I have nothing. Yeah, even in the mock world the daggone
Patriots know what they are doing.

Baltimore Ravens

Team Representative Kaleb.09

Team Needs: QB,DB,WR,RB,DE

The Selection Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

Analysis The Ravens would love to trade out of the
top 10, so they select the best player available at this time in the draft ,who
just happens to be Glenn Dorsey and find a team with a strong need at DT to
trade with in exchange for extra picks.

Wow, Dorsey and Ngata equal 3 Defensive Tackles. If that doesn’t open
it for your linebackers, perhaps you could draft a van

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