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The Best Team Ever?

New England may be the best team ever to play professional football.

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to make that statement, but hear what I’m saying.

The Best Team.


Right now they lead the Seattle Seahawks 17-0. I expect the Seahawks to come back and make it a game. But New England will eventually win the game, and when they do, will have extended their record-breaking winning streak to 20 games.

More than the 17-0 Miami Dolphins.

So what I am saying is, The Best Team Ever.

I don’t believe that wins and losses are the sole indicator of greatness nor how it should be measured. The Packers in the 60’s, the Steelers in the 70’s, the 49’ers in the 80’s, all had dominant decades. An argument can be made for each one as TBTE.

The Patriots in the new millenium, under completely different rules and circumstances, have won two of the last three Super Bowls.  In a year typically difficult for the reigning champs, when free agency and “It’s time to get Paid” attitudes that permeate most teams, the unselfish Patriots just keep on going, like the Energizer Bunny.

So what WOULD it take to make the Patriots The Best Team Ever, no argument?

A Super Bowl win would give them three in four years. That’s viable, but not completely spectacular by historical perspective. Another 18-1 season, punctuated with another Super Bowl victory would be a very strong argument.

But what about 34-0? Now that would be impressive, historically or otherwise. It would double the Dolphins unbeaten season record, and their Super Bowl rings. That would be impressive.  Unequivocal even.

Run the table, and they do something only one team has done before. Go undefeated throughout the season, accomplished by the Miami Dolphins. Only this season would go nineteen games to accomplish. More impressive.

34-0, three Super Bowl Rings in four years, undefeated in a nineteen game season/postseason combination.

More dominant than the Steel Curtain team of the 70’s.  Or Joe Montana and the 49’ers of the 80’s.  Sorry Vince, but your teams were eclipsed by both of those dynasties.

There would be, could be, no argument.  Any body trying to create one would be shouted down, or ignored, or maybe even tossed out on his ear. 

The Jets come to Foxboro next week, undefeated and hungry for respect.  The next in line who feels they deserve the crown.  The Seahawks weren’t the ones to do it.  I don’t think the Jets are either. It is a division game, and the Jets are playing good ball.  But so are the Patriots.

34-0.  Let it roll around on your palate like a fine wine.  Take a whiff of the bouquet.  How does it feel?

The Best Team Ever? Time will tell.

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