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The Big D-saster

Don’t look now, but the Dallas Cowboys could be heading for a major meltdown. Here are some signs of impending doom and advice on how you can prepare yourself for the rest of the fantasy season:

Romo, Romo Where Art Though, Romo?

Tony Romo may be used to getting the finger, but he’s also in desperate need to get his fixed up in a jiffy. A broken pinkie could sideline Romo for up to five weeks, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Cowboys. They have lost two of their last three games, and their one win wasn’t pretty — they almost blew a 17-point lead to the pathetic Cincinnati Bengals. Maybe an inspiring phone call from legend Brett Favre will be enough to get the future Mr. Jessica Simpson back on the field. If he returns too early, however, Romo may risk worsening an already serious injury to the point of needing surgery. If he doesn’t play, Romo fantasy owners will have to choose between Plan B (making a deal for a new quarterback) or Plan C (scouring the waiver wire for a replacement). If you are one of the zillion Romo owners who nabbed backup Brad Johnson off waivers, plan to be sorely disappointed. Any Patriots fan can attest that backup quarterbacks aren’t always reliable to swoop in and save the day. Johnson does have experience up the wazoo. However, he’s older than dirt, and he hasn’t started a game since playing for the Vikings during their 2006 season.

A Roy-al Mess

I imagine Roy Williams’ owners were giddy when they found out their promising wide receiver was moved at the trade deadline from the hell hole known as the Detroit Lions to the Dallas Cowboys. However, before reaching for that party hat and noise maker, fantasy owners might want to keep their expectations in check. His potential in

Dallas is already limited by playing behind Jason Witten, Terrell Owens and Marion Barber in the Cowboy food chain. Also, it can take weeks of adjustment for learning new routes, etc., before wide receivers can have an immediate impact with their team. Furthermore, if the ‘Boys are without Romo for any extended time, the learning curve may be steeper. The end result could be a frustrated and outspoken pain in the rump, one that many expected Owens to be when he joined the club last year. Speaking of #81, for the most part, Mr. Owens has been a good little boy, limiting his whining about targets to a minimum. But ask any Philadelphia Eagles fan, and they’ll tell you, you can’t spell “trouble” without the “T” and the “O.” The Count of Sesame Street fame would have a field day, “One prima donna receiver! Two prima donna receivers! Ha! Ha! Ha!” It seems like quite the challenge for whoever is throwing the ball to keep both these guys content. If the receivers aren’t handled properly, it could increase the likelihood of a disaster in


Jones-ing for Speedy Recovery

In a season of bright rookie running backs like Jonathan Stewart, Matt Forte and Chris Johnson, Felix Jones has quietly put together in an impressive rookie season. Unfortunately for him and the Cowboys, he will be sidelined for the next three weeks with a partially torn hamstring. Jones took some carries away from Marion Barber, a stud who will see his hefty workload increase. It’s only two games, but if Brad Johnson is the Cowboy quarterback for an extended period, but don’t be surprised if Barber has difficulty adjusting to an increase of opposing defenses stacking the box. Barber may especially struggle during weeks seven and eight without the help of Jones serving as a change of pace.

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