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The Bionic Roster – Week 8

The injuries in the NFL were already bad entering this weekend, then the whistle blew on Sunday at 10am PST and by the time the Colts were done serving the Broncos their first loss of the year the league looked like The Six Million Dollar man after his infamous wreck.

What do you do with the pieces of your team? Just like the government agency, OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) when they thought they lost their prized astronaut Steve Austin, you rebuild it.

First you have to assess the damage done, (Arms, legs and eye). Then you rebuild. Bionic limbs giving him the strength of a bulldozer and an eye with a
20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities.

While I can’t guarantee you the same success that OSI had with Steve Austin, I can guarantee that if you don’t act quickly you will become The Fall Guy of your fantasy league. (Lee Majors forgive me for this unjustified attack on your brilliant career).

So let’s get to work assessing the damage from this weekend and figuring out who we need to shelf, who we need to replace (as well as who we replace them with), and who we need to scrap.


Jay Cutler

crushed me and I am sure many of you this weekend. You can’t blame a guy for an injury, but when you have
Drew Brees

as your starting QB it was easy to be happy at your QB fortune knowing that you had Cutler going against the Redskins, of all teams, on Brees’ bye week.

Then the bye week comes and Cutler scores you negative one point. Negative one, after six weeks of great games. Really?! All I can say is welcome back
Drew Brees


Now, some of you may have been relying on Cutler as your starter. If this is the case then what do we need to do and how do we need to do it? First, how bad is the injury? The team announced Monday that he has a tear in his groin and will be out for at least four weeks.

In the meantime,
Josh McCown

stepped in and looked very good (14-for-20 for 204 yards and a touchdown). McCown is a capable QB and has a great set of weapons with
Matt Forte

behind him and
Brandon Marshall

Alshon Jeffery

to throw to. If you are in a pinch and your waiver wire is depleted, you could definitely do worse than McCown and that Bears offensive arsenal.

If your waiver wire has not been picked through then there is a chance there are still a couple of gems out there worth uncovering. 

Terrelle Pryor is averaging 212 yards passing and one touchdown per game and 57 yards per game rushing. These are solid numbers and should be able to keep you in most of your games this season. With a favorable schedule coming up after the Week 7 bye he could really help to bandage up your QB injury woes.

The Bengals season started with the question, “can Andy Dalton raise his level of play and become elite?” This question has yet to be answered. For a guy with so many weapons at his disposal he has seemed, at times this year, like an Octogenarian behind the wheel of a Formula One Racer driving it down the track at 40 mph with the left blinker on.

It makes you want to scream “just step into one already and let it fly would you!?” Then you find out he did. How did that work out for him? An 82-yard TD pass to A.J. Green. Averaging three touchdowns and over 350 yards passing over the last two weeks it seems like he’s found a little lead in his foot after all.

Dalton could help if you are in need of a starter that can give you some good games and be fairly steady in your line-up. Just beware of the colossal flops he will have from time to time.

Rounding up the group of QBs that should still be available and can help you is
Mike Glennon

. Over the last two weeks Glennon has thrown for 529 yards and four touchdowns.

He is young and inexperienced and has far to go but he is putting up good numbers. He has very nice weapons in
Vincent Jackson

Mike Williams

and should be able to give you nice numbers in a division that plays very poor pass defense as a whole.

The Rams have confirmed that
Sam Bradford

is done for the season with a torn ACL. If he was more than a bye week fill-in for you then you have some serious waiver wire or trade work ahead of you.

Bradford’s backup,
Kellen Clemens

is probably not your answer. I would strongly suggest sticking with those mentioned earlier in this article. As much as I wish the former Oregon Duck the best of luck (being from the rainy state myself), he is a true backup in the sense of the word and as far as fantasy is concerned there are better options on the waiver wire for you.

Nick Foles

answered many questions this weekend. The first of which was whether or not there should be a QB controversy once
Michael Vick

is healthy. Vick owners can all breathe easy now as he is the obvious starter.

The other question was whether or not you should start him if he is on your roster and you have a low end QB1 or QB2 as another option. After seeing him this week I have to strongly caution against it.

Foles left the game Sunday with a concussion. Due to this he will be dealing now with the league’s concussion protocols. Even if he passes the tests and gets the nod this week it will most likely be his last. It seems very apparent that when Vick returns it will be his job once again.

Foles’ backup,
Matt Barkley
is not worth consideration for your roster at this point. As is the case with
Sam Bradford

listed above, you are better off seeking the quarterbacking skills of those mentioned earlier in this article.

Running Back

At the beginning of the season I had a bad feeling about
Arian Foster

. I had nothing concrete to base it on so I didn’t mention it much in my articles. I, however, spoke loudly with my draft picks, skipping over Foster in every single league I was in and often drafting his backup
Ben Tate

if he didn’t go off the board too ridiculously high.

It seems that my feelings may have had validity. I was worried about his immense workload over the last few years. What I did not expect on top of that was
Matt Schaub

and his backups proving so futile that most teams could stack the box against Foster. This has now resulted in a sub-par year for the Texans’ running back to date and an injury to Foster’s hamstring to top things off.

Foster left the game in the 1st quarter this Sunday against the Chiefs. The good news is that he has a bye this week, so he has a chance to heal. The bad news is with
Ben Tate

behind him they will probably not rush him back into work. The other bad news is that the first two weeks after the bye have the Texans facing off against the strong defenses of the Colts and the Cardinals.

Now, if you have drafted Foster you have to go with him if he starts since you probably do not have a better option. If you have the ability to trade for
Ben Tate

then do it now and you will be just fine no matter what happens.
  If you do not have that option, then players you should be considering are:

Pierre Thomas
Coming off a couple of nice fantasy weeks and a bye, Thomas could really help out some fantasy owners in the second half of the season with his very favorable schedule and new found love from offensive
Pete Carmichael since the Week 2 injury to Mark Ingram.

Regardless of why he’s getting his touches, Thomas should be able to give you solid numbers for a few more weeks. Bonus to owners in PPR leagues. Beware of a decline in touches a few weeks after Ingram returns and gets back into the swing of things.

Andre Ellington
Ellington has been a great change of pace RB in Arizona. Since Week 2 he has put up consistent numbers with the occasional big game thrown in. He is still available in the majority of leagues and should be picked immediately if you need to back-fill any of the above mentioned injuries.

Don’t be fooled by the stinker he put up this week against Seattle. Even Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson would have a tough time against that Seahawk defense. Also, much like Pierre Thomas, if you are in a PPR league Ellington has extra upside for you.

Mike James

James got thrust into the limelight this weekend in the 3rd quarter of the Bucs game against the Atlanta Falcons when
Doug Martin

went up for a Glennon pass near the end zone and came down awkwardly.

The result was a dropped pass and Martin on the ground writhing in pain. Reports are all over the place at this time on this one. Some say he’ll be out for this next game but they are hopeful after that, others say he’s done for the season.

Regardless, nobody is saying that the Muscle Hamster will play this Thursday which means James will. James is a rookie out of Miami. He is a strong, deliberate runner much like
BenJarvus Green-Ellis

. Will he shock the fantasy world? No. Will he be much worse than Martin was to this point in the season? Probably not. Will he plug a hole in your lineup and give you consistent enough numbers to be worth picking up if you need him. Yes.

Andre Brown – Brown should be 
back in week 10. The Giants are starting to look better. Wilson is out for another month and
Brandon Jacobs

is already hurt. Brown is a much more dynamic back than anything they have right now and will undoubtedly take over the lead back role upon his return. If you can wait that long and have the room on your roster, stash him now.

Doug Martin

owners did not see this coming. Did not see what coming you ask, the bad season or the injury? The answer to both is yes.

I watched that play live and threw my hands up over my face like a grade school kid watching a horror movie. It wasn’t the impact of the play but the immediate cringing and writhing by Martin that scared me and all other Martin owners. Now, all of my worries have come true. Martin is out for a few games for sure and possibly the season.

He hadn’t done much for you up to this point, but his workload was very encouraging and the team seems to be getting some momentum under
Mike Glennon

So things were hopeful for Martin owners. Now if you have him you need to consider what your next move is.

The obvious grab is
Mike James

If he is not available consider some of the other fill-ins mentioned above.

Brandon Jacobs

was a late scratch from the Monday Night game against the Vikings. Too bad, really. He looked to be ready for another good game against a fairly porous run defense. Now owners of New York Giants running backs like
David Wilson

Andre Brown

and Jacobs are once again scrambling to figure anything out with their rosters.

The bad news is if you had them this week you lost a good opportunity with a great match-up. The good news is that you may have been spared a big letdown week as far as expectations go, I really think he played the best game he was going to have this year last week.

Look to the running backs mentioned above for help. Bonus if you have the depth to wait and can grab
Andre Brown

before he comes back around week 10.

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