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The Boys of Spring

By now you have likely already drafted your team and are getting ready for the fantasy baseball season to start.

  Latching on to a hot player early in the season can be a great advantage, and recognizing “flash in the pan” performances can save you some roster belly aching later.

  What do you make of the spring performances?

  Here is my breakdown.


No player has been hotter this spring than the Royals’
Lorenzo Cain.

  Cain has been a five category contributor this spring and has laid claim the starting centerfield job, but does he deserve a spot on your roster?

  Through nineteen spring games Cain is hitting well over .400 with four homeruns, and added two steals for good measure.

  Grab Cain and stash him on your roster and see what the first month of the season brings for him and the Royals.




J.P. Arencibia

might be best known for his impression of Tim Kurkjian this spring, but you can’t ignore his equally impressive on field performance.

  Arencibia has good power production from the catcher position, but he can not be counted on to improve your team in much else.

  He has belted four homeruns in only twelve games this spring and along the way has registered an unimpressive .243 batting average.

  Arencibia is a power, desperation play with some upside, but unless he rounds out his skill set he only has a spot on two catcher rosters.



Melky Cabrera

has followed an impressive 2011 with a hot 2012 spring.

  Cabrera will find himself in the Giants’ lineup full time this season and will likely see his numbers come back closer to his baseline career numbers.

  Cabrera was likely drafted in all formats so worrying with whether to add him or not is not is not a concern.

  If Cabrera has carved out a special place in the heart of an owner in your league based on his performance last year I would shop him to someone willing to overpay.

  Above average five category contributors are hard to find, but if the return is there make the move!



The effect of injuries can be tricky.

  Given the volatility of the closer role, an injury at closer can really throw owners in to disarray.

  When Jokim Soria was shelved for the season with an arm injury the door was opened for a new closer to emerge for the Royals.

Greg Holland has been a hot name for owners looking to vulture some saves.

  With three spring saves thus far, Holland appears to be up to the task.

  Two poor outings have ballooned his E.R.A. above five, but his WHIP is still below one and he has managed 12 strikeouts in 8.2 IP.

  I suggest grabbing Holland, but hold on and prepare for a bumpy ride.

  The Royals have other capable arms at the back of the bullpen with Jonathan Broxton and Aaron Crow so a few bad outings and Holland could find himself out of a job.

  Monitor his progress and job security closely.



Few things are more frustrating in fantasy sports than inconsistent performers.

  And few pitchers demonstrate this better than
Francisco Liriano.

  From a no-hitter (albeit an ugly no-hitter) to an erratic three inning outing in his next start, Liriano can not be trusted.

  The good Liriano has reappeared this spring, but don’t be fooled, he has no spot on your roster.

  The occasional good outing will be offset over a larger sampling by the much more typical implosions.



Do you have questions about other players or want to comment on the ones I mentioned?

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