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The Brandon Marshall Saga Could Devastate Denver

The debate about whether or not Brandon Marshall would still be in
Denver for the 2009 season has been tossed around numerous times, and new head coach Josh McDaniels has practically been branded by the media for the horrible job he has done in the personnel management department since touching down in the


fans and fantasy owners received some good (although not great) news recently though.

While at the taping of the ESPY awards,

told reporters that he will be at training camp later this month. This is usually a decent sign, but

didn’t say he was going in order build chemistry with his new quarterback, Kyle Orton, or with any of the other newcomers either. Instead, it’s all about the Benjamins in his eyes.


said (
via Pro Football Talk
), “Right now I’m obligated, I’m under contract …I t’s $14,000 a day if I miss. I’m not stupid. So I will be there.” Pro Football Talk also reports that “it’s more like $17,000 per day for a training-camp holdout … and he’d also owe the remaining 75 percent of his 2009 signing-bonus allocation of $100,000 or so.”

Clearly, the talented wide receiver’s head is not in the right place if all he can think about is the money. I think we’re all aware of the fact that he approached management last month and asked to be the next guy traded out of
Denver after quarterback Jay Cutler got his wish and was sent packing to


This is a tough card for the Broncos’ front office and McDaniels to be dealt. While they surely do not want a stubborn

in the locker room causing drama, it’s hard to fathom the idea of trading him.

was supposed to have one of the best groups of wide receivers in the league this year with Marshall lining up next to emerging second-year player Eddie Royal and one of the best slot receivers in football in Brandon Stokley. If

is taken out of the equation, that not only changes the dynamic of the receiving corps, but the entire offense.

I think that many of us scratched our heads when we saw that McDaniels immediately named Orton the starter of the squad, but if fans could be comforted at all, it was in knowing that he had

amongst others to throw to. If/when
Marshall is sent out, the next best receiver on the team is Jabar Gaffney and behind him is Chad Jackson who has never become the receiver that he was in his time at the

University of
. All of a sudden, a team that made up for their lack of a pristine gunslinger with their receivers would be questioned as an offensive unit. Royal benefited from

receiving double teams, Stokley thrived while three guys were forced to cover the outside receivers, and the running game did well for itself with so much focus on the Broncos passing attack.

If this were to happen, Royal would now be receiving a double team, defenders wouldn’t have to worry about Gaffney or

significantly damaging them, which in turn would put more pressure on Stokley and the running attack as well. With two new backs headlining the depth chart in former Eagle Correll Buckhalter and rookie Knowshon Moreno, it could spell big trouble for

’s offense.

Clearly what happens with

will not just affect owners of the disgruntled wide receiver, but will also have an impact on owners of all of the aforementioned players, especially Royal (who was flying up draft boards this year) and Orton. Just as much as you need to think long and hard before drafting

, you need to monitor this situation closely if you are about to head into a draft. At this point,

is too big of a risk and I skip over him as well as Royal and Orton. I know it’s always fun to have fantasy drafts ASAP, but if you can draft your league after training camp, this issue (along with many others around the league) could be dealt with and you can feel much more confident in making certain selections. Until then, nearly all of

’s offensive players are a risky selection for any fantasy owner.

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