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The Brew Crew Corner: Cleaning Out the Fantasy Locker


Welcome to the June edition of the
Brew Crew Corner. We have just passed Memorial Day and I would like to give a special thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country.

The summer is just on the way. We are starting to participate in mock drafts and now is a good time to get your fantasy season out of hibernation and begin getting organized for 2010 football. While you are at it, make your wife happy by taking all of those old fantasy magazines and draft folders and put them in the recycling bin. Do you still need that magazine from 2007 with LT on the cover? I think not, get rid of it. The only thing you should hold on to is an electronic version of last years draft results. Honestly though, if you didn’t win your league championship, scrap it, start over from scratch and get ready for the best fantasy season yet.
Eye on the prize

Why do I think this season will be the best fantasy season we’ve ever? One word; championships. That’s because winning never gets old. Never! Even if you had your best season in 2009, that was over 6 months ago. Everything that happened in that year is now a distant memory. You still have bragging rights. You can walk into your draft and talk smack, but once the draft is over, you are just another owner in the league.


Eye on the prize

2010 will be the best season for a number of factors. First, with the CBA or Collective Bargaining Agreement still in question, there may not be any football in 2011. That is troublesome to dynasty and keeper league owners because you now have to make preparations in the event that there is a lockout or strike by the players. If you play in these leagues, get together with your league owners and commissioner to come up with a plan. 

Second factor is the change in the NFL landscape. There has been a ton of free agent moves and some big trades that have reshaped teams and divisions. I believe that this year we will see the younger NFL talent become the standard players in fantasy football. The old vets that have carried fantasy teams such as Brian Westbrook, LaDainian Tomlinson and Terrell Owens are no longer fantasy starters. Consider this season as the change over to a new generation of fantasy elite players that will be the nucleus of fantasy teams for the next few years.

And my third reason this year will be grand is the draft strategy for 2010. For the past couple of seasons we have seen a shift from the traditional philosophy of the stud RB theory to a new one that includes stud WRs and QBs. The approach for the 2010 draft has to be one where you evaluate every option and every pick with careful thought. The depth at the RB and WR position is very deep this year in my opinion but the number of players that can carry your team on their own are very limited. The difference between a player such as RB Chris Johnson who finished first with 28.1 Ave FPTs compared to Steven Jackson who finished 6th with 19.5 Ave FPTs is 8.6 FPTs. That is almost as many points as the 3rd best PK who averaged 9.9 FPTs. If the margin of points between first round RBs can be that large, just imagine how players compare later in the draft. Overpaying for a player this season can lead to a large amount of fantasy points lost.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for a fanatic 2010 fantasy season. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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