Thursday - Jan 28, 2021
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The Brutus Report

I start this week with an apology.  It has been pointed out to me that I am pathetic in my English and grammar skills.  See the following to understand just how much I stink:


Nice run-on sentence:
“If you are like me, after some of the perceived top named RBs in the league were drafted and your 1st round pick loomed around the corner, you against better judgment and fantasy football philosophy decided to go with a QB, but not just any QB, the QB, the man among children, none other then Peyton Manning.”

Nice dangling preposition:
“I mean that is easy, guaranteed points, nothing to scoff at.”

Nice use of two different tenses in the same sentence:
“I looked at the head coach, and everything seems in order.”

Forgot to set off the word “too” with a comma:
“No, looking OK there too.”

Mis-matched noun/verb usage:
“In the real world the coach don’t care what the players stats are, he cares about seeing a ‘W’ at the end of every game.”

Trying to sound like he’s Jim Rome:


So to the guy that pointed that out, the 10th grade band captain, and the one English teacher that reads this rag, my humble apologies.  For the rest of you that, like me, don’t know or care what a dangling preposition is, let’s get on with this weeks report.


My pain shifted a little this week from Peyton to a man named Edgerrin, who, for the record, has a pretty weird first name himself.  As a Peyton owner it is absolute, needle in the eye, pain to watch him throw a pass that gets the ball to the 3 yard line and then see him hand it off to Edge 20 times in a row until he breaks in for a score.  I am not claiming this has not been effective for the Colts, obviously it has, but it sure is a kick in the pants fantasy-wise for anyone starting Manning or an Indy WR for that matter.  It is like the Colts feel they owe Edge something for all the passing done last year.  They completely go out of the way to make sure he gets chance after chance on the ground this year.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t mind being a James owner.  The good news is, even with all the James loving, Peyton did manage two passing TDs and I managed to win all my fantasy match-ups this week.  Therefore, all is good in the world of FF.


Did it take the injury to make anyone else realize how much Randy Moss is flopping this year?  The injury is just frosting on a cake of under achievement though.  That late 1st round to early middle 2nd round pick isn’t working out to well for fantasy coaches across the country.  Will he get back on track and be the superstar he has been in the past?  That remains to be seen, but I think he still has a lot of punch left in him.  Don’t give up on Randy just yet, in fact his value may never be lower for a buy low/sell high opportunity.  On a side note, I see good things in Jerry Porter’s immediate future.  If he is ever going to produce it will be one of the next two weeks.  Get ready to see him wake again to being a productive FF WR.


Well, they’re not paying me to flap my jaws, so let’s get to the winner of this week’s Brutus Award.  Joey Harrington gets the honor this week.  I know, I know, it isn’t like people had huge expectations for the guy in the first place, but regardless; any expectations set for the guy have horribly flushed.  This hits close to home, living in Michigan and believe me when I tell you, we are not happy with lil’ Joey.  Now with talks of Garcia returning, perhaps we won’t have to see Joe’s frowny face on T.V. for awhile and I can deal with that.  Sorry Joey, I had high hopes for you, but your time is over.  Please apply somewhere else, perhaps you could coach in Minnesota?  Nobody could do worse then what they have over there.


As my good friend Jim Rome would say, “Out.”

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