Thursday - Mar 4, 2021

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The Brutus Report

Short and sweet this week fellas and ladypeople.  Crazy, crazy week for under performance.  First off I have to razz Ricky Williams a little bit.  What a bust he has been.  A whopping -1 yards last week and a total of 7 yards over the past two.  I somehow don’t think Ronnie Brown is worried much about that RBBC situation.  The RB flops don’t stop there though, the top two backs in the league stank up the joint also.  Somehow, someway both LaDainian Tomlinson (wow, don’t think I have ever typed that guys name out) and Shaun Alexander had a combined total of 68 rushing yards for the day.  Seven of those yards coming from LT, while 61 were racked up by Alex.  Therefore Alex is off the hook and the full weight of my wrath shall be poured out on Tommy.

To say he stabbed us in the back is the understatement of the year!  This guy went into week 7 with at least 1 TD in his last 18 games.  He was tied for the streak record and was poised to strike.  Philly’s rush D is nothing to write home about, but they sure get MAJOR props for not only shutting down the current reigning king of football, but winning the game to boot.  Anyhow, everything was in place for him to have yet another mind-blowing game, but it just did not happen and even though he was a major component in one of my loses last week.  I am gonna find it in my heart to forgive him and even start him again in week 8.  Yeah, I’m a risk taker.  LT this Brutus Awards for you.


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