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The Brutus Report

Mid-season is here and what a brutal season it has been!  I have followed fantasy football for many, many years and I cannot recall another year that was riddled with this much injury this early.  Some teams have been hurt more then others and then there is Cursed Bay.  I am not going to give the play by play and I don’t think I need to, what follower of the NFL doesn’t know the woes the Packers have had thus far.  Because I like to throw out predictions (have made two so far in my reports this year: Indy goes undefeated in the regular season & Favre retires) I will now toss out another.  With the amount of injury and misfortune plaguing Green Bay I am going to say the trend continues and Favre’s streak of consecutive game starts will be over some time this season.  Well for whatever that is worth, lets move on to the report, shall we?


The Nominees


Mark Brunell – I don’t know if you caught any of the FOX pre-game show last Sunday morning, but it was hyping Brunell like he was the next John Elway.  Watching, it was hard not to get hooked.  There was even talk about him playing in the Pro Bowl this year!  Jimmy brought them all back down to earth.  He pointed out that Mark had faced some terrible Pass Ds thus far and not to get too excited, he wasn’t going to be all that special.  65 yards, 3 sacks, and 1 INT later Jimmy seems to have been right on.  I am sure many of you were hurt by his performance, sure took me by surprise.


Jamal Lewis – Not really a big shocker here.  Jamal has played like a chump this season, but there still are a few groupies that just won’t bench him.  If you are one of them, save yourself some heartburn and find a replacement right now.  Seriously, stop reading this, go to your league, and draft someone to replace him.


Randy Moss – True, he is banged up, but that won’t save you from getting mentioned here.  Banged up or not, many people started Mr. Moss last week and boy did they get burned.  26 yards from a stud like Moss just does not happen often.  Active or not I wouldn’t recommend starting him in week 9.


Brett Favre – I realize I have already been on the topic of Brett Favre, but there is no way the guy is going to throw 5 INTs and not get at least a mention.  Coming into last week Favre was leading or close to leading many fantasy leagues as the highest scoring QB.  Granted CIN is a good team and has a great defense this year, but I don’t think many would have predicted any team to pick-off Favre five times in one game.  It is not like they were tips or WR failures either.  The fault falls solely on the Wonderboy himself.


Chris Cooley – Nothing earth-shattering here, but after four weeks of decent production owners have been starting Cooley with confidence.  Unfortunately for them, Chris earned negative points in most scoring formats.  Anytime a player gives you negative points it has to be the worst betrayal they can pull.  Knowing that it would have better to start just about any waiver wire nimrod rather then the guy you started just grates on the soul.  Cooley achieved this last week and earned himself a Brutus Award nomination.


The Winner


Brett Favre – After much thought (not really) I have to give this week’s Brutus Award to Brett Fav-Ruh.  The guy is near deity when it comes to QB skills, a living legend, and he will go down as a Top 10 QB of all time in my book, but last week he stunk up the place and this week he wins my prestigious award.


The Suspects (who to be wary of this week)


Terrell Owens – As shady as they come, Owens claims his ankle hurts and is likely not to play in week 9 or 10.  Nothing is decided yet, but it doesn’t look like he will be on the field in at least week 9.  Even if he is, TO will not be pushing himself if he has a gimpy ankle and his numbers will reflect that.  Take away his 91 yard catch and run last week and he would have been a nominee in this report with a sad 2 receptions for 63 yards.  Start him with extreme caution.


Baltimore D – Don’t be fooled by there decent performance last week.  The Bengals are on fire this year and will rip the Ravens to shreds.

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