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The Brutus Report

Week 9 is over and week 10 is upon us.  The Colts are still undefeated, Houston is still playing like a girl’s soccer team, and Owens is still a “class act”.  All is right in the world of football.


Honestly though, have you ever looked forward to a Sunday night game more?  Well probably yes, but last Sunday’s game was one to get hyped about.  After Owens got suspended and all the drama that surrounded that, I couldn’t wait to see the game played out, cancer removed.  Turns out the Eagles can still play a little football without their “star” receiver.  Sure they got beat, and only threw for one score, but there is enough spark there that they are going to be just fine.  Mark my words, Philly will be successful without Owens.


The Nominees


Terrell Owens – Nothing like a guy getting himself suspended to ruin your fantasy week.  It was bad enough when he announced that his ankle would likely keep him off the field for two weeks.  That hurt, but it was bearable.  Being suspended four weeks, leading up to a deactivation after that, is just plain wrong.  Now do not misunderstand what I am saying.  I am glad Reid is handling him the way he is, in fact I am a little giddy over it.  What I am pointing out is what Owens did to his fantasy owners and that is stab them square in the back with a spoon, “it would hurt more you twit!”


Drew Rosenhaus – Only good thing about this week and Drew is I learned how to spell his name and the reporter that asked him what he had done for Terrell besides getting him kicked off the team.  That guy deserved a gold star.  “Next Question.”


The Winner


Terrell Owens – The roller coaster ride of emotions he put his owners through last week wins him the sole “real” nominee and therefore the winner of this weeks Brutus Award.  He starts with telling everyone he is hurt, goes from hurt to “definately going to play Sunday night”, and then ends with being kicked off the team when it all boils down.  I cannot imagine a more traitorous scenario.   This week’s honor is all yours buddy, you earned it!


The Suspects (who to be wary of this week)


Terrell Owens – Now with his heart string pulling, “Next Question” press conference he is apologizing and asking to be given another chance.  I don’t expect Reid to give him that, but be assured, with the players union now involved and Drew at the helm, you can bet that we are going to have to wade through TO news tidbits for, well, the rest of the season.  His curse is a real one and it will be felt for many weeks to come.  Get ready to wade through it.


Brian Westbrook – It pains me to predict it and I hope I am wrong (as I am an owner), but I just don’t see his numbers getting better verses a tough Dallas Run D.


Julius Jones – Don’t expect too much out of Jones for his first game back at Philly.  The Eagles did a pretty decent job containing Portis last week and I think they can do the same against a rusty Jones.


Next Question.

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