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The Brutus Report

Welcome to the Turkey & Stuffing edition of the Brutus Report!  This week I will take a step back from singling out a player for his over hyped, underplayed, horrific performance last week *cough*[b]Samkon Gado[/b]*cough* and instead take a look back at this years Turkeys (players with previous years of proven talent that have busted) and Stuffing (over-hyped players that have failed to produce).


Daunte Culpepper – Before the season started, questions about first round drafts and comparisons to Manning abounded.  Even this well respected site had predicted that Peppy would end the season ahead on Peyton and lead the league as the best fantasy QB.  What a let-down Culpepper became!  With excuses about injury and ponderings of the “Moss” factor flying high, week after week owners were burned by their first rounder.  Undoubtedly the Love Boat scandal didn’t help matter any either.

The plot thickens with the reality that Minnesota is actually winning games now that he is out.  Exactly why he was a turkey this season is still a mystery to me, but the fact remains that he was a huge gobbler.

Randy Moss – Fitting that the next person on the list would be Peppy’s former teammate.  Whether Culpepper needed Moss or Moss needed Culpepper is debatable, there is no denying that Moss + Culpepper = success and something close to failure has occured with them apart.  Although I believe the potential for greatness is still there with Moss, he certainly has a lot of performing to get in through the next couple of weeks before he has a chance of getting off my turkey list.

Tony Gonzalez – I have heard of Tony going as early as the first round this year, sure by rookies that don’t know much about Fantasy Football, but the first round none-the-less.  How could one fall so far from his previous years upon years of greatness?  I personally believe it had something to do with crop circles and that new hit T.V. show Invasion, but don’t tell anyone you heard it from me.

Jamal Lewis – Contrary to popular belief, spending the off season in the big house does not make you a better football player.  Though I am sure he did his fair share of running (away from Big Bubba) while he was there.

Baltimore DST – Wow, predicted to be the best defense on just about any cheatsheet you could get your hands on.  Drafted WAY to early on draft day and now look at them.  If you are interested in the Ravens, check you WW, they have most likely been sitting there for a few weeks collecting dust.

Now some will claim it was the lose of a few key players that brought them to their current wallowings, but I remind you that they DID stink this year with both Lewis and Reed in the line-up.  Is it the 4-6 change up that got them?  Who knows, maybe the old addage that if it is not broke, don’t fix it applys here?

Terrell Owens – Enjoy your time at home this holiday season.  Gobble Gobble.


Kevin Jones – Being a Detroit fan I know full well, if Barry Sanders was only mediocre fantasy-wise, then it is going to take more then the likes of Kevin Jones to get a fantasy star out of the Lions.  Regardless, many people drafted this guy late in the first round or early in the second and boy have they felt the pain.  A little bit of advice folks, take it from a Detriot home fan, STAY AWAY from the Lions when it comes to fantasy football.  You will thank me come February when you are ulcer free.

Julius Jones – Injury and sharing carries with two other backs when he is healthy has surely not helped, but the ever popular Jones has really been a big disappointment this season.  Hopefully he can rebound from here on out.  Marion Barber has a few things to say about that though.  We shall see.

Kerry Collins – On draft day, if Manning and Culpepper were already gone, many were gunning for Collins next.  With the addition of Randy Moss and the possibility of greatness that that could bring, people assumed Collins would have a stellar year.  Besides a few sparks here and there, Collins has stunk up the joint.

Domanick Davis – A victim of being on the Texans no doubt.  Davis has done OK this year, but nothing close to the hype level on draft day.

Michael Vick & Jake Plummer – Always were and always will be nothing but stuffing in my book.

Well, I am off to shoot a football and watch a little turkey on the tube.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and remember, cranberry sauce does not travel well in your pockets!

Now the medicine, as a friend of mine once said.  Issues of a personal matter and a crazy mad schedule have caused this to be my last week doing the Brutus Report.  I had fun while it lasted, but I must admit I will not miss the weekly deadline crunch. :)

To my three loyal readers, thank you for spending a little time with me each week and I hope all your fantasy football dreams come true!

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