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The Brutus Report

“Et tu, Brute?” (Even you, Brutus?)  Arguably the most famous three words uttered in literature, this immortalized quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has come down in history to mean the ultimate betrayal by one’s closest friend.  In the Brutus Report I will bring you a weekly overview of the betrayers of the previous week’s games as well as make a few predictions on the players most likely to stick a dagger in your back this week.


New England was beat.  Not that I am a big NE fan, but I was hoping they would pull off a perfect season and shut the Griese lead Dolphins up once and for all.  You know they actually throw a party every season when the last undefeated team is loses?  Life is about more then your precious perfect season.  I seriously wonder what some of those guys are gonna do when they finally get there record beaten.  There is still hope in Philly.  Go get ‘em boys!


And now to the picks…


Fred Taylor – Now let’s give him a little breathing room here.  He did get injured and you can hardly blame a man for performing badly when injured…  Then again, this is Fragile Fred we are talking about.  We should be giving him an award for staying healthy for as long as he did.  There is all this positive talk going on right now about resting during the bye and being back in action come Week 10.  Hey kid, come ‘ere, I have a secret to tell ya…  don’t get your hopes up.  You actually think a week off is going to allow this guy to rebound?  Folks, if you get burned by Fred come Week 10, it is your own fault.  We only have to look at his record to get a good picture of what is to come.


Randy Moss – How many times am I going to get to list Moss in my column?  Exactly, I had to put him here.  We all know he is a stud and in his case he can blame his poor performances heavily on his injury.  All that said, I still had to list him because I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t have another chance to put his name down for a year or more.


I am sure that the dagger from this guy has hurt for the last two weeks.  Unless you were completely stacked at WR I am sure most all of you Moss owners out there have played him in Weeks 7 & 8.  I also believe that a bunch of you have lost your games because of playing him.  Well it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better.  He may go from playing less then half of the game to playing nadda.  Get well soon Randy.


And the Brutus Award for Week 8 goes to…


Travis Henry – Really Henry could have been listed here just about any of the last 4 weeks this season.  Well now he made it.  1 carry for 2 yards?!?!?!  McGahee who?  Yes folks, it truly looks like Henry is washed up in Buffalo.  It is time to give him the boot from your roster.  Once a solid number 1 or 2 RB, now he has fallen into the realm of the forgotten.  I’m sure many of you had given up on him a week or two ago, but for you die-hards out there many a dagger is sticking out of your blue and red jersey covered back.


Stick a fork in him, he is Dunn, err done.


Week 9 possible Brutus’s


Warrick Dunn – Look for Dunn to continue to disappoint on the rushing yard totals.  His TD saved him from getting a spot on this week’s list, but I see bad things in the future for Warrick.


Reuben Droughns – In Week 8 you saw a glimpse of what I expect to become a trend for Reuben.  Call me crazy, but I just don’t think the guy is the stud EVERYONE else believes him to be.  Maybe I am just bitter I missed him on the waiver wire pick-up three weeks ago though?

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