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The Brutus Report

“Et tu, Brute?” (Even you, Brutus?)  Arguably the most famous three words uttered in literature, this immortalized quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has come down in history to mean the ultimate betrayal by one’s closest friend.  In the Brutus Report I will bring you a weekly overview of the betrayers of the previous week’s games as well as make a few predictions on the players most likely to stick a dagger in your back this week.


A tough day for Priest owners.  Looks like Blaylock will get the start once again this week.  Meanwhile back-up junkies all over America are singing their own praises for snagging him off the waiver wire.  What exactly is the impact of getting someone like Blaylock starting on your team?  Well, I believe it is almost like being given a first round pick proactively in week 10.  The impact is going to be huge, especially with KC reeling on the win/lose ratio and a chance Holmes will sit the rest of the year with little to no chance at a wildcard spot.


In no way am I calling Priest a Brutus pick, but the injury has surely left many of you feeling a dagger.  But the dagger did not come from Holmes himself.  It came from the owner that nabbed Blaylock before you could back-up your stud.


And now on to the daggers…


Matt Hasselbeck – This one is personal folks.  I drafted this guy early in the third round WHEN MCNABB was still available.  He has done almost nothing since then, but tick me off.  172 yards and a pick?  I don’t care what you did last week, that performance was just horrible Matt.  Please live up to the hype surrounding you before draft day, please?


Jamal Lewis – Ok, we start off by saying someone got 30 touches in one game.  Sounds good.  Now we throw in the fact that the team the player was on won.  Things start to sound even better.  Then I tell you it was Lewis and he totaled a big 71 yards on the ground AND zero scores.  That is a dismal 2.36 yards a carry, his longest being a sorry 11 yards.  That was not acceptable Jamal.  You should be ashamed of yourself.


And the winner of the Week 10 Brutus Award is…


David Carr – This guy’s performance was the perfect mix of a Shakespearean Comedy/Tragedy, which incidentally fits perfect with him being given the Brutus Award for Week 10.  I’ll start by saying he threw for 215 yards, which is the ONLY highlight of his day (and that is nothing to be too happy about anyway).  Ok, now on to the pounding.  Carr threw 3 INTs on Sunday with no TDs to bail him out.  On top of that he was sacked 5 times for 40 some yards and to put the cherry on the top he lost 3 fumbles!  The guy was a Grade A turnover machine.  I am sure the wound is still bleeding from the dagger he hurled at his owners.


Week 11 possible Brutus


A quick apology to Mr. Culpepper.  Thankfully he showed the world last week that he can perform without Moss.  Was it just me that heard that huge pop over Lambeau as Culpepper connected for TD number 4?  In case you were wondering, that was Randy’s head.


Aaron Brooks – Call it a hunch, call it a hope (since he is playing against me), call it whatever you like, but I see bad things for this man’s future play performance.  Only time shall tell.

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