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The Brutus Report

The Brutus Report

Jim “Dominion” St. Onge


“Et tu, Brute?” (Even you, Brutus?)  Arguably the most famous three words uttered in literature, this immortalized quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has come down in history to mean the ultimate betrayal by one’s closest friend.  In the Brutus Report I will bring you a weekly overview of the betrayers of the previous week’s games as well as make a few predictions on the players most likely to stick a dagger in your back this week.


Too many to choose from!  So many owners were stabbed this week that I don’t know where to start.  So in that case I won’t start just yet, instead lets reflect back on that glorious day on Plymoth Rock when America was discovered (I guess the people already living here hadn’t discovered her yet).  Regardless, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Now on to the picks…


Marcus Robinson – Where have you gone Marcus Robinson?  1 catch for 7 yards?  And this without Randy on the field?  Shameful.


Clinton Portis – Can we officially call this guy a has been yet?  I am thinking a never was might be closer to the truth though.  17 attempts netted him 37 yards.  Outstanding!


Ahman Green – Injury yes, but wow that had to come as a blow to a lot of Sunday night hopefuls out there.


And the Week 11 Brutus of Brutus’s is…


Marshall Faulk – Ready for this one?  9-TEEN All Purpose Yards!!!  That is a 1 and a 9.  The guys was horrible out there.  Now mind you, he was playing against me, so I have to say I loved every minute of it, but come on Marshall, spend a little less time at the dino museum next week and run a couple extra laps or something.  Drink Ovaltine, eat spinach, whatever it takes man.


Week 12 possible Brutus


Jamal Lewis – He is getting people’s hopes up about playing, but I see him being a big disappointment for some owners out there.


I wasn’t all that far off on Aaron Brooks last week.  3 INTs to 1 TD, but he did have over 300 yards, so he could have done worse.

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