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The Brutus Report

Welcome to the 2005 NFL Season and week 1 of this years Brutus Report.  In case you are new, each week I will present to you my pick for the Brutus Award.  This prestigious prize will be awarded to the person that had the most potential, the most hype, the highest expectations, yet they tanked.  It is called as such in honor of one of the best-known traitors of all time, Bruti, friend and co-murderer of Julius Caesar from the Shakespearean play of the same name.  If you don’t know what I am talking about… READ A BOOK!  Anyhow, on to the report.


First, a few honorable mentions.  If you are a fan of a kicker actually making a field goal when he kicks it and Matt Stover was starting for you, well you know.  In case he wasn’t on your team and you hadn’t heard yet, Stover went 0-3 on FGs and was saved from completely blanking for the night by a single extra point.  Stover is normally automatic, you put him in and he gets you points.  I wouldn’t have expected him to miss 3 FGs (all less then 50 yards by the way) all season, let alone in one evening.  Needless to say, I lost my game by 2 points.  Had Stover connected just once I would have won.  I feel the dagger planted firmly in my back, thanks Matt.


Ahh rookies, you never quite know what to expect from most.  But then again sometimes one or two are so “talented” that they become household names in the fantasy realm, even before the kick-off in middle September.  J.J. Arrington is one of those guys.  People have been singing his praises for… well it seems like forever.  The big guy shoved a boot in the mouths of the choir with his dismal performance of 5 rushing yards on 8 attempts.  Willie Parker on the other hand, who had nigh no one singing for him put up insane numbers and looked like an unholy union of LT, Priest, and Barry Sanders.  It was probably our faults, we were singing for the wrong rookie.  I actually bet on Parker having a great game, but I was in the minority and I’m not here to gloat about that, well not completely anyways.


Now for the Big Kahuna of Bust, the Mack of Smack(ed), this weeks traitor of traitors and receiver of the Brutus Award is none other then Daunte Culpepper.  Addition by subtraction, in my best Indigo Mantoya voice, “I do not think that phrase means what you think it means.”  I did see a lot of subtraction going on though.  Especially in regards to Minnesota having the ball subtracted from there possession.  5 times mind you by this weeks winner.  To be fair, I don’t think he would have played much better had Randy been out there.  He just looked plain terrible, TERRIBLE.  The only redeeming quality is that I was playing against him.


So, who is going to stink up the place next week?  Well I have a few possibilities I will share with you.  Reuben Droughns won’t have near the same production he did last week, not that he was all that great anyhow.  The numbers won’t look anything like they did for Gus Frerotte this week as he travels to meet the Jets.  Don’t get too excited about grabbing them off the waivers or trading away someone that had a bad week.  Look for Michael Vick to get at least an honorable mention next week as he looks to fail more miserably then he did this week, yeah I’m not a fan.

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