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The Brutus Report

Week 2, ahhhh a return to normalcy where studs soar and suckers sink, well it is about time!  Wait… NOPE, that didn’t happen.  Instead Week 2 brings us even more upsets, twists, turns, and stud-stinkage.  Who was the worst of the worst?  Never fear my fantasy brethren; I am here to tie ‘em to the whipping post.  Well, let’s let the lashings BEGIN!


Michael Vick continues to perform mediocre.  Now honestly this is no big surprise to me, but to the rest of the fantasy community this seems to be baffling.  Come here friend; let me let you in on a little secret.  Lean in a little closer now… are you sitting down, well no cause you’re leaning close, but whatever, you get the picture.  OK, Michael Vick is not a good fantasy quarterback and he never will be.   There, I said it.  Yes the man has some skills, yes he can move around out on the field like a greased pig, but he is not and will not put up consistent points for your fantasy team.  Once again, I am not saying the man cannot play football, just that while he may win games for Atlanta, he will lose games for you.


Will the Jets ever take off this season?  You really cannot blame Curtis Martin too much for his sad display so far this season.  When your offense fails it is pretty hard for a RB to come out anywhere near the top.  None-the-less though he deserves an honorable mention.   I know I had a lot higher hopes for him than what I have seen.  Now with a strained knee who knows what will happen next.


If I were to give an Anti-Brutus Award it would have to go to Trent Dilfer.  All I can say is wow.  Well actually I will say more, but it was a fitting cliché.  The QB that almost exclusively went undrafted in any sane group of FF experts put up Manning-like numbers last week.  The guy was a complete monster.  Now I am not suggesting you start him in Week 3 or anytime soon, but watch this guy and grab him if you are desperate (and I mean desperate) for a back-up QB, because you never know.  He might have unlocked some secret-zen-kung-foo greatness and will produce again.  For now I just hope he enjoys his successful week and really gets all that he can out of it, because I think it will be much more likely that he will not reproduce those numbers the rest of his career.


The Brutus Award this week is split between two men that should never be on this report.  One of them making it for his second week in a row!  Congrats go out to Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper for playing so sub par, so rookieish, so embarrassingly that it was impossible to decide a single winner.  Yes Culpepper obviously did worse, but after Week 1, it was not as unbelievable.  Manning on the other hand was forgiven for underachieving in Week 1 against a great D like Baltimore, but to flop verses Jacksonville was astounding.  The guy looked like a fish out of water out there and since I believe he will rebound and probably will never be even close to making the list again, I had to let him share this honor with Peppy.


Who should you be wary of in Week 3?  As much as it pains me to suggest it, since he is on one of my teams, don’t be surprised if LT continues his yardage struggle against the Giants.  Add the trouble he has already had to the success the NYG has had against the run and LT might be in for a tough week.  I hope I am wrong, and I am not suggesting you sit him, but just be aware of the possibility.  After all, a bad week for LT is better then many good weeks for RBs all around the league.



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