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The Brutus Report

Week 4 woes got you down?  Been betrayed by your favorite fantasy player one too many times?  Still got that knife sticking out of the gaping wound in your back?  Well you’re not alone my fantasy brethren.  It happens to the best of us and you and I are no exception to the rule.  So sit back, relax, forget your woes, and join me in another issue of the Brutus Report.


Week 4 brought us plenty to get up in arms about.  From under achieving quarterbacks and wide outs, to injured runners and insane, point hoarding kickers that played against you.  Lets start our rap session with, you guessed it, Daunte Culpepper, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water (Jaws music playing softly in the background).  What is with this guy?  Well I will tell you one of his major problems is a head coach by the name of Mike Tice, but that aside, Daunte is playing like a high school cheerleader.  A very big, brutish cheerleader with hog grease on his throwing hand, but a cheerleader none-the-less.  I seriously think he might be going for some turn-over record no ones knows much about.  How else can you explain the number of times he is giving the ball up?  With 10 INTs and 4 FUMs already, I am sure he is well on his way to reaching his goal, whatever that might be.  Injured he says?  Since week 1?  I am not buying it Daunte, it is just an excuse.


Then take Chad Johnson, I know some have come to expect nothing less then 100 yards and a TD weekly from this stud, especially since he was playing the dismal Houston Texans, who it only stands to reason he should have been able to go nuts on.  Some of you lost your match because 60-some yards is all you got.  Thankfully listed in the ranks of people worked over by Johnson is one of my opponents, but that is beside the point.  I wouldn’t worry about Chad staying down for long though, Jacksonville this week and a BYE the next to get rested up.  He will explode yet again, over and over, but week 4 got him good.


Anyone that had Neil Rackers playing against them this week fully knows what it is like to have an NFL kicker plant one squarely between their legs.  OUCH!  In one of my leagues a guy with Fitzgerald went into that game with the lead versus a guy with Rackers and left with his tail between his legs.  How many others out there got smacked down, by a kicker of all things!  So if you are a Racker’s owner you are dancing with glee, anyone that played him is crying like a school girl, most likely.


Ok, enough of my ramblings, this weeks award goes not just to one player, but instead a whole team, the Green Bay Packers.  Now I understand, most of the Packer players that have killed you so far have been due to injury and obviously that is not their fault, but at the Brutus Report we do not consider whose fault it is, we simple feel the knife and point our fingers flailing with accusations.  Honestly though, how many more players can go down?  Pretty soon, the bionic man, Favre is going to be the last man standing.  From Javon Walker to Ahman Green to Bubba Franks, etc etc.  Chances are if you drafted a Packer this year, you have been stabbed.  I predict this is Favre’s last year, even Superman can be beat with Kryptonite and his O-Line has it hidden in their jocks or something because they cannot protect him for nothing.  Brett is a smart man, he is realizing that too much more of this and he will be retiring because of a broken head rather then on his own terms.  No one will be drafting Favre next year, because he won’t be around to draft.


Next week be prepared to wish you never traded that stud WR for Willie Parker as the RBBC starts up full force in Steeler country.  Willie will still run hard and might have a good game here and there, but with Staley and Bettis back in the game, tough times are ahead.  The Bucs will see there first loss of the season as Vinny and the Jets come back from the dead.  Whether that means Buc players will suffer fantasy-wise, eh not too bad, but there will be some drop in production for sure.  Oh and get your Tice voodoo dolls ready as the dumb oaf continues to run the Vikings into the ground.



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