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The Brutus Report (new weekly feature)

“Et tu, Brute?” (Even you, Brutus?)  Arguably the most famous three words uttered in literature, this immortalized quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has come down in history to mean the ultimate betrayal by one’s closest friend.  In the Brutus Report I will bring you a weekly overview of the betrayers of the previous week’s games as well as make a few predictions on the players most likely to stick a dagger in your back this week.


So Week 5 is over and if you are like me, your head is still spinning.  What, you didn’t expect Mr. Collins to single-handedly cripple your offense?  Thought you grabbed a Waiver-Wire-Wonder when you nabbed Michael Pittman?  Still wondering how long “The Michael Vick Experience” will be closed for repair?  Rest assured, you are like 1000s of other armchair quarterbacks that are dizzy with disbelief.


Let the daggers fly, on to the report.  First some honorable mentions…



Kerry Collins – Any savvy FF coach would have been quite proud to acquire Collins in Week 4 after Gannon went down, especially if you were hurting at QB.   Perhaps you even thought you knew something the rest of us didn’t and had him on your roster in Week 3?  Well three games and seven interceptions later you probably don’t feel so savvy, especially if you have been starting him.  Don’t kick yourself in the rump, you just were following the advice of dozens of “Fantasy Experts” that said he was a great find.  I bought into it too, initially.  “Ahh, he just had an off week, but just you wait until Week 5 at Indy”.  Man, the stage was set.  Horrible pass defense + A veteran with something to prove + throwing in a dome should = an explosive performance.  I don’t know about you, but I have yet to classify 245 YDs 1 TD and 3 INTs as explosive.


Kerry is soooo very… done.  Don’t believe the hype any further, BENCH HIM.  Sure he is bound to have a decent week or two SOMEWHERE down the line, but is it really worth all the bad games in-between?  Short answer is a resounding NO!  Seriously, look at his picture.  His face perfectly depicts how I feel about his performances thus far.


Michael Pittman – Not a total bust if you get points for yardage, but a dagger in the back none-the-less.  Give the guy a little slack though, he was facing the rough and tough Saint’s defense… err wait, no the Saint’s D sucks!  How could you do so mediocre against them Michael?  How could you!  Only 30 attempts in two weeks isn’t all that exciting for a starter either.  Mind you 4.1 YDs a carry isn’t too shabby, but I think we all expect more from Mr. Pittman.


Is he still worth a starting roster spot?  Probably.  Would I use another option if I had one?  Definitely.


And the Brutus Award for Week 5 goes to…


Michael Vick – Never been a Vick fan and I must admit I take a little pleasure giving out the first ever Brutus Award to Michael “Pretty Boy” Vick who must be spending more time reading 2002 Sports Illustrated articles this season then developing on the practice field.  Or perhaps I should call him Michael “Butterfingers” Vick, he has fumbled the ball a jaw dropping EIGHT times this season, but that could be counted good considering he has been sacked 17 times, 6 in Week 5 alone.  Owners of Vick have to be ready to string him up by his toes and I don’t blame them.


How many games now without a TD?  Three, yeah three in a row and it is not like he had a lot in his first two weeks either (2 TDs).  I think those of you riding the flukewagon are safe to exit immediately.  “The Michael Vick Experience” is officially closed for the season.  The only gas in his tank was the fact that the Falcs were undefeated.  Anytime a negative thought came into his head he could shake it off by telling himself he was still winning games.  Not anymore, he was beat by the LIONS at his home.  I live in Michigan and I am not stupid enough to claim the Lions an NFL powerhouse.  You shouldn’t of lost that game Vick, it was your fault, put down the two year old copy of SI and face it.


What does Week 6 hold for Vick?  Well the upside is he is playing the Chargers who’s D has not been very impressive.  The down side is that he is Vick, he can no longer hide behind his perfect season mirror, and I am quite sure his shoddy performances are now taking up residence in that pretty little head of his.  Can he shake it off and turn into the Vick of old?  I’d bet my mirror, comb, and hair gel against it.


Week 6 Possible Brutus’s:


Reuben Droughns – The fantasy world is definitely hyped on the Week 5 performance of Reuben Droughns, but assuming you picked him up this week, is he worth a spot on your starting line-up?  Sure, if he is the only option you have, but if you have others I would use them.  Shanny is being shady about who will get the start and I have a feeling if Q-Tip is ready he will get it.  Split carries will follow leading to Droughns having a mediocre game.


The upside is that he is playing the Raiders and I can’t imagine Brutus Honorable Mention Kerry Collins getting them to far ahead at any point in the game.  So in short, Denver should get plenty of rushing yards in Week 6, who on Denver will get them is a full-blown mystery.


Tim Rattay – Has the ghost of Joe Montana possessed this guy or what?  Yeah I know, Montana is not dead, but seriously what is going on in SF?  Some say Rattay is the most underrated player in the NFL.  I say even the sun shines on a couch potatoes butt some days.  Don’t get me wrong, he has been impressive and he might even have another week of impressive stats ahead, but I just can’t get on the Timmy bandwagon yet.  Sure I picked him up in one of my leagues, but that is the same league I picked Collins up in the week previous.  If you need a #2 QB (like I do) then he is worth a shot, but I would not trust him with a start just yet.

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