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The Brutus Report – Week 4

Week 3 has come and gone and Daunte has finally produced.  LT also produced and let me publicly apologize right now if anyone didn’t start him after reading last week’s report (I started him btw).  In my defense though, I did not recommend you to sit him (ASYS: always start your studs), just thought he might be in for a tougher night.  Boy was I wrong there.


A few players come to mind when I think about who deserves the award this week.  I am sure both Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson burned a few of you out there.  After turning in 5 TDs the previous week, they go scoreless just one week later?  Matt Hasselbeck fell victim to too many goal line opportunities for Alexander, therefore producing much less Fantasy-wise then he should have.  Donte’ Stallworth surprised by not catching a pass all night long.  Even studs like Randy Moss played sub-par, especially when most expected an air battle in Philly.


While Culpepper started on the road to redemption, his partner in crime Peyton Manning is still walking in the valley of the shadow of death.  Seems Manning enjoyed knifing his owners so much last week he decided to give it another.  How much more of this abuse can us Manning owners take?


Enough, this weeks Brutus Award is unique in that it represents a players complete season thus far and not just one week worth of flopping.  The winner is Curtis Martin.  Last season at this time Mr. Martin had 425 yards on the ground and 4 rushing TDs, not to mention 1 receiving TD to go along with that!  This year he is starring zero TDs in the face and has only traveled 196 rushing yards.  Things don’t seem to be looking much better either.  While some believe the loss of Pennington will help Martin, will it?  My “smart” answer is no way, but I do have a slight gut tingle that says Martin might be in for better days.  We shall see if that tingle is intuition or bad chicken.


So you want a heads-up on who to avoid like the plague in week 4?  Well I’ve got your man!  I fully expect for Jamal Lewis to be the week 4 Brutus winner.  Stay away from Baltimore’s running game, well there offense in general is pretty sad.  Jamal has his knife sharpened and he is waiting for you to turn your back.  Be afraid!



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