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The Corner of Knowledge

I’m sure by now you’ve probably all heard Shaq’s impromptu rap in which he blasts Kobe.

  If you haven’t, take a look



  My intent is not to stick up for Kobe, that’s the last thing I want to do.

  But, in the name of good taste Shaq must be stopped.

  I stood by in 1996 and did nothing to stop the making of

Kazaam and I refuse to sit idle and let Shaq wreak that kind of pain again.



I figured the best way to confront Shaq was to fight fire with fire.

  So, I penned my own little rap and here it is…



I wanna give big props to the Maricopa top Cop

He made Shaq, give his badge back

The Diesel brought his best free-style rap

But all he did, was expose his skills as crap

An over the hill Shaq rode D-Wade to the ‘ship

Now he thinks his weak lyrics are really hip

Shaq claims that he lives next to P-Diddy

But that don’t mean he’s one-tenth as witty

The Suns brought in the Diesel to make a long playoff run

Too bad his overpaid ass couldn’t get it done

Shaq’s on the downside of a once brilliant career

But, like a thief in the night, he better get out of here

He’s under contract through 2010

He’ll be stealin’ 40-mil between now and then

I live next to Chuck, he’s the old dude next to me

Excuse me, Chuck lives next to me

Shaq wants to blame Kobe for his divorce

Maybe his infidelity was the driving force

You’re as lucky as a leprechaun with a four-leaf clover

‘Cuz this rap is officially over.



There you have it, one mans attempt to make a difference.

  My question to Shaq is, ‘How’s my rap sound?

  Tell me how my rap sounds.’

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