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The Corner of Knowledge

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘The Corner of Knowledge’.

  I will be joining you weekly to provide you with the fantasy football info that you crave.

  The Corner of Knowledge will be much more than just fantasy news, we’re liable to cover any sports topic, at anytime, be it fantasy related or not.

  So, let’s get started.


As a life long Chicago Bulls fan and former season ticket holder, 1985-1998, I can only hope that the rumors of the Bulls taking

Michael Beasley are false.

  According to Andy Katz of ESPN, the Bulls may pass on Rose because they would be ‘guard heavy’ should they select

Derrick Rose.

  Are you kidding me?

  All Bulls GM John Paxson needs to do is look to 1984 when the Portland Trail Blazers already having Jim Paxson (John’s brother) and Clyde Drexler at the off-guard position decided to pass on Michael Jordan and selected Kentucky’s Sam Bowie to fill the need at center.

  No need to rehash how that pick turned out.



According to ESPN, o

ne scout recently said of

Beasley, “If you look into his eyes, you’ll see


Toons playing inside his head.”

  Is this really the kind of player you’re looking for with the #1 pick?



Let’s review a couple of Bulls’ GM John Paxson’s draft day faux pas.

  Rumor has it that in 2003 the Toronto Raptors were willing to part with the #4 pick in the draft for the Bulls’ #7 pick and Donyell Marshall.

  Paxson felt that giving up

Marshall was too much in order to move ahead of the Miami Heat and select

Dwyane Wade, so the Bulls passed on that trade and drafted

Kirk Hinrich two picks after the Heat selected Wade with the fifth pick.

  With the second pick in the 2006 draft the Bulls selected

LaMarcus Aldridge and traded him to

Portland for

Tyrus Thomas and

Viktor Khryapa.

  Aldridge just finished the 2007-08 season averaging 17.8 points and 7.6 rebounds while Thomas averaged 6.8 points and 4.6 rebounds.

  Oh yeah, the Bulls also passed on 2007 Rookie of the Year and 2008 All-Star

Brandon Roy who was selected with the fifth pick in 2006.


Should Paxson pass on Derrick Rose and give the Miami Heat another draft day gift one might begin to wonder if it’s

Pat Riley and the Heat signing John Paxson’s checks and not the Bulls.


The headline reads ‘

Iverson man of word.’

  After the Nuggets’ final playoff game Iverson said that he wanted to return to the Nuggets.

  It became official last week when Iverson decided not to opt out of the last year in his contract and remain with the Nuggets.

  He will make $20.84 million for the 2008-09 season.

  Did anyone really think that AI would opt out?


Congrats to

Chicago Bears defensive lineman

Tommie Harris on his new $40 million contract.

  According to the Chicago Tribune here are a few of the off-field activities that Harris has been involved in…”This is a guy who spent the recent off-season visiting U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf, meeting with the Nigerian president, donating $165,000 of equipment for the new Tommie Harris Center in his hometown of Killeen, Texas, raising nearly $500,000 with two golf outings and escorting a high school girl to a prom in Chicago to promote abstinence.

He is the national spokesman for Prevention of Child Abuse

America. Last year, Harris also reached out to the family of a boy shot on the South Side, went on another humanitarian trip to

Africa and set an example that frankly too few Bears Pro Bowl players have set lately.”


According to the

Baltimore Sun,

QB Joe Flacco is one of the first to arrive at, and last to leave, the practice field.


“He’s doing everything in his power to give himself a chance,” Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson said. “And that’s the kind of guy we were looking for – a guy willing to do whatever it takes to be the best.”

  Those in keeper leagues take note, but those in yearly redraft leagues can feel free to pass on Flacco this year.


In an attempt to convince NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell that he is a new man,

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has decided that he is dropping the ‘Pacman’ and wants to be called either Adam or Mr. Jones going forward.

  I’m thinking

‘Rainman’ would be a more appropriate nickname.

  Apparently, the


of his home really got the Pacman to thinking about making a change.


According to the Detroit Free Press, former Lions

RB Kevin Jones has looked impressive in his rehab and has received a couple of contract offers.

  Albeit, none to his financial liking.

  Take a


for yourself.

  Keep Jones in mind when it comes to those late rounds.


Well, that’s it for this first edition of the ‘Corner of Knowledge’, hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back soon.

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