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Week 6 in the Fantasy Football season has arrived and the NFL had to get through Week 5 with a Monday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos canceled due to a positive Covid-19 test. In addition, we had a Tuesday Night Football game between the “So this is what a field looks like” Tennessee Titans and the “Hey our QB Josh Allen was taken after Sam Darnold in the same draft” Buffalo Bills that kept Tennessee with a perfect record. My team is moving forward. My opponent did not. Is it Halloween season? It most certainly is.

Am I Playing a Person?

Just in time for Halloween, I have something scary to report. Sometimes Fantasy Football teams get ghosted. In Fantasy Football terms, it is as spooky as it sounds. Some of the participants in my league have so many Fantasy Football teams that if their team is slammed with injuries or Covid-19, they stop managing their team and concentrate on the teams they are doing well with in their other leagues. It is a cautionary tale.

The left-behind team just flails in the wind like a flag left up during a hurricane. It jumps around and slowly gets tattered but you cannot take your eyes off it. When a starting lineup consists of Austin Ekeler (IR), Tarik Cohen(IR), Chris Godwin (IR), and Davante Adams (BYE), I am thinking the team I am playing has been ghosted. And the team had a record of 2-2 coming into the week. So do not ghost your Fantasy Football team. Just take your lumps and restructure. My team gets through the week with a win but it would have been close if a proper team was thrown out there to face me. And Week 6 means you have look and see who you started Week 5. It is time to take the temperature of your team with the game – who did you start?

Who Did You Start?

So this is the time of year you can play the game “Who’d Ya Start?”  This is a game where you count your starters in the last week and did you draft them?  If you have a winning record and you started more than 4, then congratulations. That is atypical.  I started 6 drafted players out of 8 and I have a record of 4-1. This year I get the congratulations! My bench also has 4 players who I did not draft. I still have turned over 1/3 of my team in only 5 weeks. Just to get to the point that each week brings opportunities on the waiver wire and don’t feel so bad if you are 0-5. And don’t get overconfident if you are 5-0. My team is still struggling with Michael Thomas (IR/Discipline), WR Tyler Lockett filling up the stat sheet and then not filling up the stat sheet, and ditto for TE Dalton Schultz. Finding suitable replacements while getting through Covid-19 reschedules has proven daunting for all. You have to keep your head on a swivel. If you had Dak Prescott, you should probably pick up Andy Dalton or go out on a limb and get Justin Herbert.

This week’s diary entry is about the immediate future of the NFL.

Dear Diary

The NFL is trying to get through their season without a bubble. It is a bold attempt when confronted with a pandemic. The NHL (bubble) and NBA (bubble) just finished their seasons and crowned a champion. There were zero positive tests in the NHL and there were relatively a few in the NBA. Then MLB tried a hybrid model but in spite of some setbacks, they have managed to get to a final-4 in baseball. Remarkably the baseball season is mostly on time and should finish within a week or so of their usual schedule. This is equally remarkable; that leaves us with the NFL.

As we head into Week 6 the NFL is rescheduling games, playing double-headers on Monday Night, and even playing games on Tuesday Night. The key to the NFL season will be the ability to fill in all of the games and this will only be done by prolonging the season. So if you want each team to play 17 games it may take 21 weeks. As long as there is no bubble, the teams will be subject to the results of their daily testing.

Each day there is a test and each day there is a possibility of Tuesday Night Football

Master D.

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