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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Conference Championship in Review


And then there were two. I went 1-1 and was only a Colin Kaepernick play away from 2-0. Such is the fickle life of prognostication. With two weeks to the Super Bowl in sunny New Jersey, we begin this week with the results that were. So let us recap the day that was on Sunday.

Denver Broncos 26, New England Patriots 16

In Denver, it is 60 degrees on Jan. 19. Tom Brady misses some key pass plays. The Patriots lost Aqib Talib on a hit by Wes Welker and then Denver started making plays in the passing game. Coincidence? Tom Brady was harassed the whole game. I now declare Tom Brady to be on the back nine. This means that when you have no receivers, you get closer to being another NFL quarterback. Not a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

Seattle Seahawks 23, San Francisco 49ers 17

Colin Kaepernick can win you games. Colin Kaepernick can lose you games. Seattle just is not that good, yet the Seahawks won the game. It was not a crisp affair. San Francisco had this game at halftime and gave it away twice. Seattle won by the hair of its chinny chin chin.

Dear Diary

Hahahahaha. I just got back from a long weekend of running a few weeks back. I actually participated in a 48.6-mile run fest in Disney World over four days. It was a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday and a marathon on Sunday. It was called the Dopey Challenge. My wife Jill did great. Now we need a rest.

Master D.

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