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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Denouement

The final game of the year is here. It is the Giants of New York versus the Patriots of New England for the right to claim World Champion of the National Football League.

  Just as a disclaimer, in preparation for this article, I have not seen any preview shows or other items with the exception of the playoffs in their entirety.

  God bless my wife for enduring all of those games.

  Everyone out there should do the same because football has been crazy since December 29th.

   This is where we begin this tale.


December 29th…NYG vs NEP Part I

Final Score Patriots 38 and Giants 35.

The hype was spectacular.

  The game was simulcasted on three stations.

  The Patriots were going for 16-0.

  The NYG came out flying. The Giants scored on their first possession with the help of a long jump ball pass to P. Burress.

  The Giants have been doing that ever since.

  Eli Manning was calm and great.

  The Giants special teams got a TD run back from Hixon.

On the other side, T. Brady was better.

  Long drives and 2 TD passes to Moss proved that the Giants have some problems back in coverage.

  The Patriots defense bent, but did not break.

The point is after all of this, the Giants still lost.

  The question is can they play better?

  Will they get a special teams TD in the last game of the season.

  Will Manning play better?


That brings us to the here and now.


New York Giants VS The

New England Patriots

I believe this game will ride on the inevitability wave.

  What is the inevitability wave?

  It is a phrase I coined to describe the Giants.

  I have a good friend who is a Giants fan.

  Every time they watch the game, they have to turn it off at some point or get so nervous they are watching with one eye?

The point is that the Giants inevitably try to lose a game.

  They open the door for their opponent and say “Hello Mr. Opponent.

  Why don’t you just walk through this door?”

  The weird part is that many opponents do not take advantage of this.

  What comes to mind is


Bay in the first quarter.

  Then the Cowboys had a lot of chances and could not get through the Giant defense, which just was lit up for 38 points two weeks earlier by the Patriots. T.O. and T. Romo must have been banged up.

   And did you catch the Packers game?

  How many chances did the Giants have to take the lead?

  Two at the end of the game with two missed field goals and then the Packers win the coin toss.

  I mean how many chances do you need to get three points?

  On your home field?

  In -4 degree Fahrenheit weather?

The Giants will present an inevitability wave to the Patriots.

  The problem is that Patriots will thank them very much, step on their neck and walk into the end zone.

  I do think that there is a reason why the Patriots are 18-0.

  They not only create opportunities but subjugate their opponents.

The opponent says “Moss will not beat us”.

  The Patriots say “OK. Welker, Faulk, and Maroney is good enough”.

  It may not be pretty, but it is win-worthy.

So Win-Worthy versus

  The Inevitability Wave.

The Patriots win in a rout because they are Win-Worthy.

The Giants lose because of The Inevitability Wave.

See you in August!

Have a safe Spring and Summer.

Master D.

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