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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Let The Season Begin

The next chapter of ‘The Virgin Chronicles’ has begun. Welcome to the noblest experiment in all of fantasy football. Every year, run your team like a newbie. A brand new “out of the box” fantasy football virgin. Just keep doing this and see what happens. Report on what happens. Cry about what happens. And above all, have a ball doing it. The draft is over (just a few minutes ago) and the fantasy football season is upon us. Oh, by the way, the NFL season begins with a Thursday battle featuring the Vikings of Minnesota at the champion Saints of New Orleans. This means that you have to get your lineups in early this week. No fretting about picking out your team at noon on a Sunday. And this is the first week of the NFL season, fantasy virgins. Let me talk about the week that was. That would be the draft.

Picking Second of 12

So, I have the second pick in the draft. Being in the same league for nine years now really puts everything into perspective. For the most part it’s the same group and everyone comes together the Monday before the Thursday game to select a team. This is all very random, but very exciting at the same time. The obvious No. 1 pick in this year’s drafts is Chris Johnson. And, No. 2 has been Adrian Peterson. So, who does the No. 1 guy pick? He picks Peterson! I had to adjust my eyes because I was actually happy to be picking Johnson! I wonder if this is an omen? Is this a portent of the year to come? Why let Chris Johnson go to No. 2? Stop thinking and take the guy already. So, you get some good guys like Johnson and Miles Austin. Then take a couple of flyers because no one is left after 19 picks go by before your next selection. Nineteen! This is a very appropriate feeling for picking second in a 12-team league.

Big Ticket Items?

Our draft is a snake draft. This means that even though you pick 1-12 … it comes back 12-1. So, do you get what I am saying? I had the second pick of the draft this year. That means, like I said before, I go second and then watch 19 picks go by and then get the 19th pick followed by the 22nd only to watch another 19 go by. Going second has left me in a weird position. I have for some reason many players considered some of the best at their position. In this format, you choose one of the top running backs (Johnson). You choose one or two of the top wide receivers (Austin and DeSean Jackson). Heck, you can even get a top-tiered tight end (Vernon Davis), defense/special teams (Minnesota Vikings) and kicker (Garrett Hartley). But, you pay in between by having limited choices for backups and a quarterback because those guys go during the 19 picks that happen nefariously between the long time between your next pick. Well, now that you and I have a team. What to next? Get it in the site tools is what you have to do next, my friend.

My Toolbox Is Shiny

The team is picked so now please register on the fantasysharks.com website and enter your team in to the Edit My Players section of this site. It’s over on the right under Fantasy Tools – Starting lineup – Lineup Coach. Enter your players and now go to see who you should start at the Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach. This is fantasy 101. Take this information and apply it to this week and you are ahead of everyone else (unless they are fantasysharks.com members). Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me. Just take the recommended starters and you’ll be on your way. Next week we get advanced. But, until then we have a season to speak of.

Waiting For The New Season To Begin – 2010

It is that time of year again and I cannot mention it enough. A Canadian High in

New England
presages the winter yet to come. You think it never will happen but it has happened every year since I have been keeping track. That would be at least 1982, my friends. You see, the days get short and the sky becomes this color of azure blue unlike all summer. You have to be an inhabitant of
New England to appreciate this nonsense, but it happens nonetheless.

This only happened last night. It was the first night that the temperature got down into the 50s and you could sleep soundly with an extra blanket. August in
New England was very hot. The warm weather came in March and it has stayed with us all summer. The air conditioner was turned up all across the area and training for another half-marathon meant sweating all summer on those long runs.

Don’t worry. Soon we will be talking about blowing leaves, cool breezes and even winter moons. But first comes the fall with its apple orchards, pumpkin pies, turkey dinners and family gatherings. I will be here every week reporting on all things fantasy football, God-willing.  

I still wonder why he did not take Chris Johnson? Oh well.

May this be your most successful fantasy football year ever.

Let the games begin – the 2010-11 season.

Master D.

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