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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Let The Season Begin

On this day in the history of mankind at the time of this writing, be it known to all in the Virgin Chronicle Universe that the draft was held and the 11th incarnation of The Cromwell Demolition has taken form. The NFL season begins with The Cowboys of Dallas taking on the World Champion Giants of New York. This happens on Wednesday, so if you have any players on one of those two teams set your lineup sooner than later. It is go time. Speaking of go time, it is my second season as the Commissioner of our league.

Da Commish

As the second year commissioner I instituted some stricter rules. The first was that the draft time was set to 59 seconds. Not 120 seconds. Not 60 seconds.   We do it differently in this league so I made it even more so with a 59 second draft. It worked quite well, as we made the last pick 1 hour and 15 minutes after we started. That is getting the year off to resplendent start. In this draft I came in at 3rd out of 12.

#3 out of 12

I had the third pick in the draft. I went with Drew Brees right off the bat and if he can properly direct that chip on his shoulder, it will be a crazy QB year for my team. The draft snaked and the draft flew by and in the end you think to yourself, “Gee…I really like my team.” But each season is new and the NFL gets going with a Wednesday game. Why don’t they just open the season up with a game on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and put us out of our misery? Television ratings for football games are off the charts. It may be the last reason we come together “around the campfire” like ye olde times. It is the NFL’s world in TV ratings and we are just living in it.

Time To Show The Bling Bling

The team is picked, so now please register on the website and enter your team in to the Edit My Players section of this site. It’s over on the right under Fantasy Tools->Lineup Coach. Enter your players and now go to see who you should start at the Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach. This is fantasy 101. Take this information and apply it to this week and you are ahead of everyone else (unless of course they are a member). Just take the recommended starters and you’ll be on your way. Next week we get advanced. But until then we have a season to speak of.

Riddle Me This

Now the caped crusader could probably solve most of the dilemmas in Gotham but I don’t think he can answer these vexing inquiries for 2012. In no particular order they are as follows…

  Will Mark Sanchez start the whole year?

How important are NFL referees from the NFLRA?

How strong is the NFL commissioner really?

How important is it to have a head coach?   The Saints will let us know.

How is Peyton Manning’s neck?

How is Adrian Peterson’s knee?


Is Andrew Luck ready to start in the NFL?

Is RG III ready to start in the NFL?

So many questions and all will be answered in time my friends. Speaking of time, it is time to kick off the season.


Waiting For The New Season To Begin – 2012

It is that time of the year again and I know I mention it every year. A Canadian High in New England presages the winter yet to come. You think it never will happen but it has happened every year since I have been keeping track. That would be at least since 1982, my friends. You see, the days get short and the sky becomes this color of blue unlike all summer. You have to be an inhabitant of New England to appreciate this nonsense but it happens nonetheless. And looking out over your back deck at a blue sky on a cool autumn day is really the bees knees.

We still have yet to have this cold Canadian, but we have had very cool ones nonetheless. And all along you wonder if this will be a slam dunk winter of cold and snow or will it be benign like the last winter.

Soon we will be talking about blowing leaves, cool breezes, and even frost.   But first comes the fall with its Apple orchards, Pumpkin Pies, Turkey Dinners & family gatherings.  

May this be your most successful fantasy football year.  

Let the games begin — Season 2012-2013.

Master D.

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