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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Let The Season Begin

Hear ye! Hear ye! Friends and fellow fantasy football fanatics, I am here to report that it was on this evening in the brief history of mankind, the 12th version of the Cromwell Demolition has taken shape. It was a snappy draft that lasted less than one hour. This is very unusual as most drafts take anywhere up to two hours. The NFL season begins with The World Champion Baltimore Ravens traveling to take on the Denver Broncos in the “Mile High” city. So, if you have any players on one of those two teams, set your lineup sooner than later. Thursday gets here quicker than you think.

No. 5 out of 10

I had the fifth pick in the draft. I had to go with my gut instinct as Drew Brees was not available. I instituted a strong quarterback league and it turned the league upside down. This year though, I went with Matt Ryan. Out of the 10 teams in the draft, only five took quarterbacks in the first round. This means that still no one listens to me when I warn them that we have a strong quarterback league. At the end of the year in a strong quarterback league, the 12 highest scorers will all be quarterbacks. Every one! Oh well. There is always next year, right?

Time To Put On Your Own Show

The team is picked so now please register on the website and enter your team in to the
Edit My Players
section of this site. It’s located on the top menu bar over on the left under My Fantasy Football Home 


My Player. Enter your players and now go to see who you should start at the
Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach
. This is fantasy 101. Take this information and apply it to this week and you are ahead of everyone else (unless of course they are a members, also). Just take the recommended starters and you’ll be on your way. Next week we get advanced. But until then we have a season to speak of.

2013 – Riddle Time

In my new annual inquiry about the National Football League, I try to ask the questions which need to be answered this year. In no particular order they are as follows …

  • Will Rex Ryan coach the enitre season?
  • Will the target zone affect the NFL and how it is played?

  • Will Tom Brady be effective without established WRs?
  • Will Colin Kaepernick have a sophomore slump?

  • How is Robert Griffin III’s knee?

  • Is it a good idea to have the Super Bowl in MetLife Stadium (New Jersey)?

So many questions, and all will be answered in time my friends. Speaking of time, it is time to kick off the season.

Waiting For The New Season To Begin – 2013

Autumn in New England is where to be. Just before those bitterly cold days and the flying snow. All that matters is you count your blessings and look toward a brighter future. For every beautiful autumn there is the winter to come but I will live in this moment during my favorite time of year.

We still have yet to have a really cold Canadian high pressure, but it is coming. No hurricanes, either, knock on wood. Soon we will be talking about blowing leaves, cool breezes and even frost. But first comes the fall with its apple orchards, pumpkin pies, turkey dinners and family gatherings.

May this be your most successful fantasy football year ever! Please come along for the ride.

Let the games begin
Season 2013-14.

Master D.

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