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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Preseason Part I

The Virgin is back! 

This means I get to relive another Fantasy Football season as a newbie.

For all of those who new to the site, welcome to the best Fantasy Football site on the web.

  This is our sixth season, our writing skills are outrageous and there are many neat characters that fill up this vessel offering a wide spectrum of all that is Fantasy Football.

As far as this segment is concerned, it is a weekly experiment where I impart ZERO wisdom on my team.

My team is formulaically chosen using recommendations from this site and the lineup is selected using the tools offered. 

‘Tis the noblest ongoing Fantasy Football experiment five years running into its sixth season.

The first year, I really was the virgin and I went through the motions and a lower first round draft pick named Ricky Williams ran all over the league and got me to the point where I lost in the league championship.

Since then, it has been a mishmash of seasons around .500.

I expect this year to be no different.

Now you may be saying “Why would I care about being .500?” 

Well, it only matters after you have lost the first three games of the season and the people in the office make you the doormat of the league.

You can either pack it in…and some people do by the looks of the record at the end of the year…  or you can continue to fight.

We at Fantasy Sharks recommend the latter because a team can turn on a dime and the championship can still be lost because LaDainian Tomlinson just has one bad day.

But before all this mess, let us discuss the summer that was.

What I Did Over The Summer – Recollections

Every year, we would start off the school year with a brief synopsis on what we did over the summer.

There were no computers when I was doing this.

There was no such thing as the internet en masse.

The kind of summer fun involved for some that “Brady Bunch” trip to the great parks.

Even just a camping excursion to the

Cape was spoken with the same wide-eyed eloquence as the kid who went to Walt Disney World.

Every first day of the school year until we were 12 this went on.


As is my tradition here at Fantasy Sharks and my Diary of a Fantasy Virgin article, I bring to you what my summer was all about.

Let me pull out my round glasses and a glass of butterbeer.

Yes, my summer was all about Harry Potter.


What I Did The Summer of 2007

You see, I had this silly notion that I would read the all of Harry Potter books so I could find something to talk about with my nephews.

It worked too well I tell you.

I started reading the first book when the fourth came out.

It is a wild ride to read all four books at once.

But the Summer of 2007 brought a 5th movie and the 7th and final book.

Now if you are a Harry Potter fan, you re-read the 5th book for the movie just to whet your whistle. 

Then you re-read the 6th book to get in the mood for the 7th book.

The result is Harry mania sweeping my domicile.

I will not give away the ending to the 7th book but the 5th book then 5th movie followed by the 6th book caused me to read the 7th book in 2 days!  


It is a page turner and now I can speak some type of sense to my nephews.

I am just worried that I will not have anything to talk to them about after the 7th book fades from memory.

I still had a little bit of “me time” and went to Disney World, worked on my back, and my golf game some more, not necessarily in that order mind you.

And yes, I still managed to shoot 36 in one of my golf leagues this summer which is not that bad for 9 holes.

I guess I was just lucky.


Speaking of luck, it is draft time.

Are you ready?

Preparing For The Draft

The draft is coming Virgins, its time to get out those stat sheets and read over number upon number or just link into the fantasysharks recommended draft list or print out the custom cheat sheet. The first thing you should realize is that this draft stuff will not only make you but could also break you. 

But it makes and breaks everyone so it is not a big deal.

Sure winners turn into busts and previous busts have a great season of vindication. 

And sometimes, if you draft too early, you draft guys that split town due to injury or just need to leave due to personal “issues”.


Note that this is the first year that I have changed up the order of my draft.

I am recommending that you go with 4 RB right out of the gate in a weak QB league.

So onto what that means. 

Your first job is to find out if you have a strong QB league or a weak QB league.

A strong QB league is one where when the QB gets a TD, you get 6 points.

If you are in a weak QB league, the QB gets 3 points for a TD.

Most leagues give 3 points to the QB and I personally think it’s a rip-off however that is still another protest article to write.

In a weak QB league, draft RB, RB, RB, RB, WR, WR, QB, K, DT, TE, RB, QB, K, DT repeating the RB through DT sequence until you are done.

In a strong QB league, take RB, QB(preferably Peyton Manning!), RB, RB, WR, WR, K, DT, TE, QB, RB, WR, TE, DT repeating the QB through DT sequence until you are done.

Follow the custom cheat sheet and fill in the blanks.

And if you are really new to this fantasy football gig, don’t worry.

Read up on this site from all of my peers and check out the message boards.

Knowledge is power and this site cranks it up enough wattage to light Vegas!


Don’t Forget to Incorporate The Bye Week

My last bit of recommendation is to not forget to take into consideration those bye weeks.

I have found that for the most part it is not as important as first thought out.

But taking into consideration and acting on it is another thing altogether.

The point is that you do not get any points when your player is taking a much needed week off.

So when drafting, make sure you still have a team most weeks.

Losing a whole week or two because your horses are resting in the barn may come back to haunt you at the end of the season.

Well, I will let you know how my draft worked out by September.

It is good to be back.

Master D.

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