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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Preseason Part I

The Virgin Chronicles are back! I get to relive another fantasy football season as a newbie. A literal fantasy football virgin. For all of those who new to the site, welcome to the best fantasy football site on the web. This is our ninth season and our writing skills are still progressing quite nicely. There are always many new and charming characters that fill up this high octane fantasy football website. I welcome them all and I welcome you back. Now, as far as this segment is concerned let me repeat myself. This article is a weekly experiment where I impart no wisdom on my team. My team is formulaically chosen using recommendations from this site and the lineup is selected using the tools offered. This is the ninth time I will be running my team this way and I really cannot think of anything better than to highlight the highs and wryly smile on the lows. It is all just fantasy, right?

Never set your expectations too high in this competition. Try to set an even keel and get on a roll. I certainly expect this year to be not any different than most years past. That would be hanging around .500 for most. It is strange how most teams hang around .500 and then rattle off five or six wins down the stretch to take it all. The idea is to load your roster with momentum and hope that fewer injuries, and most of all ideal weather, make your final days victorious. The times are changing in football. The workhorses in fantasy football used to be the runningbacks. Now with this dump down West Coast offense, you can win without a tight end. You can win without a 1,000-yard back. The fantasy football times are a changing. But, before we discuss all this mess, let us discuss the summer that was.

What I Did Over The Summer – Recollections

We are approaching school time in this great land of ours. Some have already started! We would start off the school year with a brief synopsis on what we did over the summer. Oh, and this is just a friendly reminder for everyone in cyberspace. There were no computers when I was doing this. There was no such thing as the internet en masse. The kind of summer fun involved for some that “Brady Bunch” trip to the great national parks. Even just a camping excursion to the

was spoken with the same wide-eyed eloquence as the kid who went to Walt Disney World. Every first day of the school year until we were 12 this went on.

As is my tradition here at FantasySharks and my Diary of a Fantasy Virgin articles, I bring to you what my summer was all about. I am going to add in some offseason shenanigans as well.

What I Did: The Summer of 2010

The first half of the year was spent recovering from my marathon in January. I did not have a pain-free normal run until May. How scary is that? And, what happens when you cannot stick to a running schedule? That’s right; you start to gain weight. I ate responsibly and still gained 20 pounds. Twenty frickin’ pounds! Fortunately, I have been back on the running kick in the last month and I have lost some of that weight. Yay! And, my lovely wife and I are training for another half marathon. I used to think half marathons were long. Just train for a marathon and half marathons will seem like a walk in the park.

Now onto the summer. Sure there was another trip to Disney. That probably added to my weight gain. There are calories everywhere in that place. No matter how much you walk and let me tell you peoples out there … you do walk. Up to five miles a day, my friends, and the heat is so tenacious, you may have to change underwear in the middle of the day just to avoid swamp toosh. Hey, ‘the Virgin’ tries to keep this article rated PG for the most part. Let’s see. Oh yeah, the Colorado Hurricane experts predicted a lot of hurricanes again. And again, knock on wood, the Hurricanes have not come. I love that team. There has been one hurricane and two tropical storms. They may be right, so I just hope they aren’t. It appears that warning about terrible hurricanes to come that haven’t means they are having bad luck.

Speaking of luck, it is draft time. Are you ready?

Preparing For The Draft

The draft is coming Virgins. It’s time to get out those stat sheets and read over number upon number, link into the FantasySharks recommended draft list or print out the custom cheat sheet. The first thing you should realize is that this draft stuff will not only make you, but, could also break you. But, it makes and breaks everyone so it is not a big deal. Sure, winners turn into busts and previous busts have a great season of vindication. And sometimes, if you draft too early, you draft guys that split town due to injury or just need to leave due to personal “issues.”  

I am going to draft this year like I always do in the past. Just change it up based upon a strong quarterback league or a weak quarterback league. A strong quarterback league is one where when the quarterback gets a touchdown, you get six points. If you are in a weak quarterback league, the quarterback gets three or four points for a touchdown.

Most leagues give three or four points to the quarterback, and I think it’s a ripoff.   In a weak quarterback league, draft athletically, but put off the high-rated quarterbacks until later. In a strong quarterback league, just look it over and if you are drafting 10th and Peyton Manning is available, go for it.

In years past, I went with the following sequence … runningback, runningback, wide receiver, wide receiver, quarterback, tight end, quarterback, kicker, defense, tight end, runningback, quarterback, kicker, tight end, runningback, quarterback, kicker, repeating the runningback through defense sequence until you are done. This year, I am going to take the dude who (barring injury) will get the most points. Why the change? The runningbacks have not delivered like they did in the past and they are for the most part very unreliable. One injury and your runningback is out of commission. And the league is getting away from the running game. Welcome to the 2010 NFL. For runningbacks, it stands for ‘Not For Long’ as they get more and more scarce.

In a strong quarterback league, take runningback, quarterback (preferably Peyton Manning), runningback, wide receiver, wide receiver, kicker, defense, tight end, quarterback, runningback, wide receiver, tight end, repeating the quarterback through defense sequence until you are done. Follow the custom cheat sheet and fill in the blanks. And, if you are really new to this fantasy football gig, don’t worry. Read up on this site from all of my peers and check out the message boards. Knowledge is power and this site cranks up enough wattage to light Vegas!  

This Year Forget to Incorporate The Bye Week

My last bit of recommendation is to forget to take into consideration those bye weeks. I have tried this time and time again, and for the most part it seems to equal out. I have found that for the most part it is not as important as first thought out. But, taking into consideration and acting on it is another thing altogether. The point is that you do not get any points when your player is taking some much needed time off. But, you can cobble some guys together and get by one week and lose if the team is strong enough the rest of the time.

Well, I will let you know how my draft worked out by September. For some reason it is late this year. It is good to be back, friends. Welcome to fantasy football.

Master D.

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