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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 1

For the second year running, the opening week is won on monstrous points by primarily Romo and T.O. Why should I worry? I will cover that and more this week my friends as Week 1 in the League of National Football in these

United States of America commences.

Football is Becoming Christmas

When I was really a youngin’, Christmas started getting earlier. Usually it would have ramped up by the 10th of December and by the 14th, watch out! Then it got earlier to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has always happened in America but one year near the mid-80’s after the country beat back 16% inflation, someone said … ”Christmas starts now and I will not let it go until the tree is all dry and crispy on January 31st.” Well now pro-football has the Thursday game to replace where the Sunday games used to be. Thursday is the new Sunday and I have to go to work on Friday which makes Sunday Night two nights where sleep starts later than usual. And just who thought of that Monday night doubleheader with the second game starting at 10:15 PM on the East Coast? I got three words for you. No! Thank! You! But it is great for the left coast and it is fine with me. Why do I get the feeling that eventually, the season will start on a Tuesday and in another country ?

The Week That Was

When Tony Romo is running in for a touchdown and other QBs are not doing so well, it just may be your lucky day. And Lucky I was. When you get 147 points in a league where the QB only gets 3 points for a touchdown we are talking spooky crazy stuff. But I will take it. My RBs are just terrible so I will be looking for some fresh up and coming RBs.

I will

  let you know the RB I pick up so you can be on the lookout for that gentleman in your league. Those 147 points led our Fantasy Football league and I did not get one touchdown from my RBs. That is just awful. Don’t forget the great games that have been put together by my colleague Bill Leonard. I will be participating in them this weekend thank you very much!

For your benefit, I have included the steps needed to set up your Fantasy Football team on this site. It is reprinted for your pleasure.

Pick Your Team Wisely Using 7 Steps to a Better Team

Can 7 steps make your week? Only if you try them my compadres de football d’fantasy. Your Fantasy Football team wins if your starting team has more points at the end of the weekend than your opponent. As profound as that doesn’t sound it becomes that simple. A great bench doesn’t win it. But knowledge is power and I am here to help. If you lost this week, let me assist you with a strategy that will at least give you a fair shot. All you want is a fair shot in this game. Anything else and you are the Postmaster General for the town named clueless, population, you! So here are 7 steps to a better starting lineup. I made the 7 steps stick out so you can keep them handy.


7 Steps To A Better Fantasy Football Starting Lineup



Register At

It’s Free! (Shameless Plug)



Go to 

My Fantasy Home and enter your team in to the

Edit My Players




After Thursday AM Go To

My Fantasy Home and the

Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach

(4) Change all your players to that team…now!



Here is the fine tune that helps out … Check out Tony Holm’s prognosticator … hope he is running it again this year. If not, we are on our own to judge the games for the best running/passing/catching scenario.



If any of your second string (WR/TE/QB/K/RB) is on a hot offense, you may want to consider switching. For example if T.O.’s Cowboys passing will be better than Burress and the Giants passing (especially with Eli possibly out), I would start T.O. over Burress.



Do that until you are satisfied with your selections.

Now, just relax, you did your best. That is all you can hope for. If you are winning, great, but if you are like the other ½ this week, stuff like this may help. Now this is just a starter, message boards and all other fine writers on this site will help you. But you must begin at the beginning. Speaking of which… how did your first week go? Mine was a little bit of luck.

Master D.

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