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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 10

Week 10 has come and gone. For most, the bye weeks are just about over. After losing the first week I have gone eight straight weeks with a victory. It is peculiar to be seven games over .500 in a season of 14 games, but I will take it. I cannot rest on my laurels because this fantasy gig is a wicked partner filled with folly. Speaking of which – how was that weekend?

That Guy’s Got Three Tight Ends

I find myself going against a team that has three tight ends. Two of them are Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. Dude! How did that happen? Oh yeah, Graham was injured so he fell in the draft.
 Fell right into my opponent’s roster, that is.
 So Graham and Gronkowski combine for 45 points, and my tight end was Owen Daniels. He did not play, so I had a backup in Joel Dreessen. Those five points as compared to Daniels and his usual output in the teens was really missed. In the end I was a loser for the first time in eight weeks and I am now 8-2. It had to end sometime, right?

Ref This!

The talk of the NFL were the replacement referees. They appeared to botch game outcomes and make rudimentary mistakes. So, with much fanfare, the real referees made it back, oh, about four or so weeks ago. And these “experienced” refs appear to be making errors as well. Case in point, was the runoff of the clock for an extra one minute 30 seconds or so and not putting it back on the clock. Then the game ended up a tie. How weird was that? The slack is so long for the regular referees that when they make errors that the replacements never made, something has to be spoken out loud. Or, in this case, written down for posterity’s sake.

Maybe next time.

Master D.

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