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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 10

Fantasy Football is really strange.  Every week, you try your best to win.  Heck I know because I write for the best darn fantasy football website.  So I am obligated to put my best foot forward and then report on it.  And then a weekend occurs where everything goes wrong and there is no chance you are going to win, yet somehow you actually do.  Strange things are afoot this week.  Lets begin with the weekly plan.

The Weekly Plan

The Fantasy Virgin has a distinct weekly plan.  Every week it is followed to the letter.  The plan keeps me in synch and the plan makes me put my best team forward on the field.  On Wednesdays, I check the roster trend across the nation and fill in gaps with available roster picks that may make a difference.  Most of these guys are newcomers.  Since I am missing a 2nd RB, I pick up 3 likely new RBs a week looking for the next Reuben Droughns. For those of you unfamiliar with this, last year Droughns was not drafted yet went on to make the most of the year a great year for the person who picked him up.  All do to an injury.  Make the most of the injuries that naturally occur and bolster your team.  Never give up! And then on Sunday around 11:30 I login and see who is injured and adjust accordingly.   But then there was the monumental breakdown. Note the emphasis on mental.

The MonuMENTAL Breakdown

So next comes Sunday.  And this Sunday is going to be a little bit different.  There are grandparents to visit and other things to do around the place.  And the next thing you know, you find yourself driving down the highway and the radio mentions the Giants game.  A little voice in your head says “Ahh football, the brutality, the pageantry, the … fantasy football team that I did not fill out this morning.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And you realize you didn’t even pick the correct team.  And you hope that the team you selected does well.  So you get back from grandma’s house and look at the damage.

The Damage

The damage is absolutely miserable.  First of all, I put in Brad Johnson last week for Mark Bulger because he was injured.  But Mark is ok this week.  Arrgh!  And let’s see, I picked up Samkon Gado because of the Green Bay Injuries but never started him.  Double Arrggh.  And I put the Browns in last week because they were playing Tennessee. But now they are Playing Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh.  Triple Arrgh!  And I then got woozy when I saw that I had Keenan McCardell in instead of Torry Holt because San Diego is on the bye week! Quadruple Arrggh (and pass out).  So this is a no brainer.  Missing 1 RB and 1 WR, there is no chance for me to win.  Zero.  And then the miracle.

It’s A Miracle

Then I log in on Tuesday just to see how much I got stomped on and lo’ and behold.  I cannot believe what I see.  It just so happens, my opponent has their best players on a bye week also.  And all the starters did not do so well.  And somehow, a victory in the lowest scoring Fantasy Football Game in recent memory.  The Demolition 69 – Gridiron Titans 66.  Sometimes you win without even trying. Thanks for the peach cobbler Grandma, its now sitting well.

 Master D.

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