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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 10

Let me see what we have here.   In this weeks daring episode of the Fantasy Virgin, a star RB goes down.  A Giant letdown makes the way.  And a K saves the day.  In what may be the last winning weekend of the Virgin …yes it’s that bad…all things are brought to the forefront.

The Injury Front – A Star RB Is Down

The week is going well. The lineup looks as sound as it will ever be.  The Eagles are coming off a bye week.  They will be well rested and good to go.  And the Redskins have to win so it should be a fun game.  So I am watching along and Portis gets pulled after amassing 3 fantasy points due to a broken hand.  The injury front is now in place and those 3 points are the best you are going to get this week. Ugghhhh!  But more is added because broken hand implies no Portis for weeks and there are only four weeks left in the Fantasy Football season.  That means RB starvation I suffer from grandly.  Enough of the Yoda talk.  Next comes the Giant letdown.

A Giant Letdown Makes The Way

The Giants are cruising along and then it starts going south.  How far south?  I am talking so far that Manning only musters 2 points in our scoring system.  So Portis had 3 points and Manning had 2 points.  What is the deal with that?  The deal is Portis wins!  But all is not safe.  For Monday Night, I have K Kasay and a tie score.  And I had to go to bed with Carolina not on the scoreboard.  Well take that I think out loud as I have visions of field goals dancing in my head.

A K Saves The Day

I woke up to word that Carolina scored in the second half and that implied a narrow victory.  But it is a bittersweet victory my friends.  I lack 1 dominant RB and my backups are great backups, not great starters.  So I will troll down the Free Agent list and hope for some luck.  The time has come to predict whose backup RB will be in play.  That is a tough thing to do and if there are no injuries and I am last on the waiver list, it’s going to be a long 4 weeks.  This is what happens when you take Davis as your 3rd overall pick my friends.  It will come back to bite ‘ya right in the old Turkey sandwich cravin’ cellulite buttocks. 

 Master D.

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