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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 10

This season has been about the haves vs. the have nots. It has also been a season where stepping in a pothole has been mostly avoided. This week, I can offer no such luck. The saying is that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Oh how I wish that Randy Moss would stop rolling!

The Boss Is The Moss

Wide receiver

Randy Moss is fantastic and he can explode at any time.

  Going into the final offensive matchups this week, I had to thread a needle. T

om Brady had to be spectacular but not by throwing to Moss.

Well, Tom Terrific was but he went all over the town to Moss.

If the result was like seven other weeks, I would have been a victor. Moss outscored my running back, two wide receiver, two tight end combination combined!

Those five players had zero touchdowns (have nots) and 28 points as compared to two touchdowns and 38 points (haves) of Moss.

So this week I am part of the have nots.

Let me walk in to that door and … hey it’s crowded in here. 

I am at 6-4 and in first place but the race is tight, just like the standings in my league.

My diary is all things fall.

Dear Diary

This time of year is pensive.

It is just before Thanksgiving.

Christmas tries to nudge its way into the scene.

Everyone just noticed that all the leaves are down and just last weekend I avoided death by cleaning them out of my gutters.

Everyone is filled with anticipation and even the weather in

New England has given us a great break from the snow showers a month ago with warmish days and not so cold nights.

The weather can turn, so you better clean those gutters because those leaves just freeze and man is that a pain to get out when that happens.

The NFL is pensive as well.

Teams that seem to be great early on like the Giants or even the Broncos have fallen a bit.

Those that started out poorly like the Steelers and Cowboys have come back.

And then there are those teams that just cannot seem to get out of their own way like the Rams and Buccaneers.

But the cream of the crop goes to the Saints and the Colts who both find themselves at 9-0.

There is a party held every year by the players of the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

They celebrate the last team to lose their first game.

Sometimes it happens early.

Sometimes it happens late.

And only once has it happened after the Super Bowl since 1972.

This year it will take luck to be undefeated.

It will take luck to win it all.

  There may be too much luck to be undefeated and win it all.

So no matter who you are, your pensive feelings are justified.

I guess you just need to understand what you are pensive about?

Now where is that snowblower?

Master D.

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