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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin: Week 10

As the weeks pile up on top of one another, it is time to start winning. The games appear to be straightforward. Your team looks good. All seems to be OK and then you step in a pothole. Or maybe sometimes it’s the team you are playing against. Just don’t let my opponent have that Mike Thomas. You know the guy who caught the touchdown pass for the Jacksonville Jaguars with no time on the clock? That guy … OK … let me go check the live scoring.

Who The What?

Not only does my opponent have Thomas, but he has Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs. Each of these gentlemen have been OK, but they have been inconsistent with a combined 11 out of 18 played weeks where they have scored 15 points or less. That is more than half, my friends, so unless DeSean Jackson goes for 50 points, I am a loser. Now that opening play on Monday Night was very impressive. In that one play alone, picked up 15 points. Fifteen points in 18 seconds is not bad work, but it wasn’t enough and my losing streak extends to five. My oh my, will I ever get out of this rut? My diary is all things fall.

Dear Diary

I am still waiting for the leaves to come off a few oak trees in my yard. Those oak trees give up their leaves at the last possible moment in New England. And all the leaves are not yet down which puts the trees one week behind schedule from last year. It only means that I will avoid the death trap that is leaf gutter cleaning for one or two more weeks at the most. Wish me luck.

The NFL is still waiting to find its really dominant teams. Sure you can look at the teams with two losses and say they are the best. For some reason I do not get that feeling this year.  

There are six out of the 16 teams in the AFC with a record less than .500. And there are eight teams in the NFC with records less than .500. As this is the last bye week, after this week all 32 teams will have played nine games. I do get the feeling that the San Diego Chargers will come on and that the Dallas Cowboys may try as well. It may be too late for them, however.

So have you found yourself? Your fantasy football team has found you. Now go out there and fight some more. It is time to pick up those diamonds in the rough. Is David Garrard available in your league? Is Johnny Knox?

Master D.

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