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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 10

As preparations were made for a comfortable weekend of leaf blowing and lawn mowing, the games of the National Football League take on a whole new meaning. With winter rapidly approaching it is prime football season. All the trends are established in week ten and a better version of the season is upon us. For me it’s about acknowledging the frailty of Michael Vick.


DeSean Jackson Is Out!

That greeted me Sunday morning. This means that Michael Vick can only throw to Jeremy Maclin right? Wrong! After two catches and a tweaked hammy, my decision to start Maclin instead of Larry Fitzgerald haunts me like Ebenezer’s brush with three ghosts on Christmas Eve! Mr. Fitzgerald goes for 33 points and Maclin goes for only two points. I can win. All I need is for Gronkowski to avoid 26 points. That N.Y. Jets defense will come through. I know it.

I Know Nothing

As Tom Brady kept finding the TE Rob Gronkowski, I found myself wondering why Rex Ryan could take away everyone but TE Rob Gronkowski. I came up with nothing. Zilch. Zero. Zed. Unlike TE Rob Gronkowski who went for 31 points. And rumor has it that Michael Vick has broken ribs. Gee, I wonder when he came up with that malady? Maybe whilst he was running and cavorting all over the field instead of dropping back and throwing the ball.

This leaves me with a record of 5-4-1. I am within a ½ game of first place. Half-game deficits are hard to make up when you have a tie but easy to stay ahead when the tie is the tiebreaker.

Dear Diary

The redistribution of leaves from my yard to the periphery is very entertaining. Eventually, these leaves will stack nearly waist high on the border of my lawn making it like a wall. It is nothing more than a demarcation point from the chaos that exists outside the lawn.

The redistribution of the Fantasy Football league I am a part of is also entertaining. Two of our divisions are like the AFC West. Everyone is either .500 or only one game out. The other Division has a 9-win team and a 7-win team. That means the only way into the playoffs is to win your division. That 7-win team is getting the bye unless there is a miracle.

Has your team found its sea legs by now? Your team is either on the rise or on the fall. For me it seems a little bit of both which keeps me in the hunt.

Master D.

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