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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 11

Let it be known about the land that it has come time to give thanks in this great nation of ours. I have so much to be thankful for, so I will not leave this holiday period wonting. Each day will be new and open, and the present will be cognizant of the past.
Do not look in front of you, my friends, because Black Friday is on its way. It has come to pass that we will spend through the next four weeks enduring long lines and our fellow Americans purchasing the latest and hottest gadget for their loved ones. With two extra days to shop, maybe it will be less stressful? Why do I doubt that? Speaking of doubts, how did the week turn out? Let us see.

Thursday Mess Avoids Loss

This is the time of year where it seems everyone could be ineligible to play due to some nagging injury. The worst part is the game-time decision. This implies that the player has an opt-out if warmups do not go well. Another issue is when you have players that are on the injured reserve list on Wednesday but snap out of it on time on Sunday. This is great as long as your replacement is not playing on Thursday. Oh, they are now? That means a decision has to be made before it can be determined if the real player can go on Sunday. I replaced my Sunday questionable with a definite
Reggie Bush
and fell into the angst that has befallen the Miami Dolphins. That sounds like Crisis Management 101, folks.  But I improved to 9-2 and hoping for 1 more win.  All I need is 1!

Managing Chaos

I know this sounds unfair, but fantasy football is a very strange combination of individual transactions. In the end you have a win-loss record. In the end it looks like there is meaning. But, in reality, you have a sequence of mostly unrelated circumstances that net you a win or a loss. Smoothing out the chaos is key to the health of not only your team members but the quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end they are surrounded with. A play that results in a touchdown credits your player with the six points, but everyone played a role in that score. Surround yourself with winners during this time and you will be surprised how far you will go in the playoffs. In our league this year it is the case of the haves and the have-nots.

A League Divided Can Stand

I usually take this time to report on the status of my fantasy football league. If your league is acting correctly, there should be most of the teams around .500. I come to you today to report that there are only five teams over .500 in my 12-team league. There are seven teams under .500. This means that the wins are going to the few who have very successful and consistent players. With only three weeks to go it is time to put your best foot forward for the final stretch and acquire future best players yourself. Double-down on this website and prepare for the final stretch. My diary entry as usual goes into giving thanks.

Dear Diary

There is an empty chair forward in the table waiting for a familiar member of the family. It is a chair that will go unfilled and sadness will cast a pall over the meal. It is the first Thanksgiving without my father, and emotions will be running high this week.

My plan is to enjoy the moment and honor the past. My dad really enjoyed pearl onions, so I may have to consume some in honor of his enjoyment. May your day capture the moments that last long after a life is lost.

So please enjoy your turkey, your family, those leftovers and the three football games. Happy Thanksgiving again, and to all may you have a great week. I think I will be battling leaves on the ground and leaves in the gutters again.

It is my most suspenseful week of the year. The gutters are up there high enough to involve some real threats to my well-being. So I must be careful.

As so shall you.

Master D.

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