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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 11

Week 11 in the NFL and my editor is enamored with my articles lately. The final outcome has been determined without the need of a Monday Night outcome. I wish it was all for the good but let it go and try to improve, virgins. Just keep on improving or trying to improve at least.
Nick Foles

is only an acquisition away! So let us review the week that was.

The Sound of Champagne Bottles Fill The Air

In a very entertaining Sunday Night Football game, the Denver Broncos defeated the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams are now 9-1. For the 41st time, the 1972 Miami Dolphins team celebrated being the only team to win every game in an NFL season, including the Super Bowl. Sometimes it comes early and once it happened in the last game (New England losing in the Super Bowl), but any way you cut it, the team has always celebrated being a one and only. So congratulations to the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Your record is secure for yet another year. My record is securely sinking.

Week On A Wing And A Prayer

When it comes right down to it, you need a team to go crazy and score 49 points. What could be better? Having players on two teams where the final score is 49-45. I had visions of this scenario playing out for me when I had no less than four players involved in the San Francisco-New Orleans game on Sunday. Both teams took a while to get going and so went my chances. So now I am 3-11, and firmly entrenched in last place.

No fear, though, I will always try to get better and so should you no matter what your record is. Pick up a running back like
Donald Brown

from Indianapolis. Pick up a running back like
Bobby Rainey

of Tampa Bay. With only three weeks to go in most leagues, it is time to put your best foot forward for the final stretch and acquire future best players yourself. Double-down on this website and prepare your team for the final stretch.

State Of The League

With the fantasy football season in its last few weeks before the playoffs, I take Week 11 to determine the state of the league in which I am the commissioner. This is about the state of parity in my league to let you get introspective on the teams and outcomes in your league. I am here to report that there are only four teams better than .500 in my 10-team league. There are six teams less than .500. This means like most years, the consistent teams with more wins than losses go to the few teams with very successful and consistent players. My diary entry is all things leaf worthy.

Dear Diary

It is that time of the year. Besides the obvious like New Walking Dead episodes, I am talking about the leaves that fall from the sky and dishevel our lawns and find a way into our gutters, of course. OK … just how did The Governor survive all alone in a Walker infested post zombie apocalyptic world again? Sorry. I digress.

I am now the leaf master of two areas! The first area being my mother’s roof and the other being my lawn. The leaves come in two stages in New England with the mighty oak leaves taking the longest to plummet to the earth. This means the best an efficient leaf worthy individual can do is blow twice.

Luckily, my leaves can be blown into the woods surrounding my home and they do not have to be secured in a leaf bag for the town to confiscate. When did leaves become so insolent?

Master D.

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