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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 11

From a snowy desk in New England, the scene outside will placate even the harshest soul.  The serenity is so appealing that just like the song; it actually is a picture print from Currier and Ives. 

.  Please remember to give thanks and say a prayer for our troops that are not only away from their families on this day but also in harms way.  They fight for the very day we give thanks for and I am extremely appreciative of their service.  We still have extra games to watch this week and turkey to eat.  But we have to speak of the week that was.  Let’s begin with the eggs in all one basket theory.

Those Green Bay Eggs All In One Basket

Sometimes you go on a hunch.  Something inside of you says “It’s gonna be a cold one at Lambeau field, my friends”  in that grizzly Football voice from year’s gone by. So, I already have Donald Driver and I just picked up Samkon Gado, so let’s get the Green Bay defense and go to town.  I had visions of Green Bay finally getting out of their funk on the National stage that is Monday Night and … well one out of three ain’t bad.  And the egg cart is in flux.

The Egg Cart Turneth Over

So Mr. Gado gets the pigskin and has a difficult time finding his way through a tougher Minnesota defense.  Hmmmm … note to self, Minnesota has scored 52 points the last two weeks, how about riding that pony to victory down the stretch.  And the Green Bay defense was pretty good but not that great. Only Donald Driver collected enough points to make the eggs tasty this week.  But victory comes from the most unlikely places.  They are the usual places but somehow that section steps it up a bit and victory is at hand.

Victory By Committee

We all know this is just a game but it comes down to equal parts participation if you are going to go deep.  And this week the Demolition came out with 133 points which was the second highest total in the week for our league.  It was  Mr. E. James running silly effective getting 24 points on 89 yards and 2 TDs.  That combined with Torry Holt and even Jason Elam.  But injuries somehow make the heart grow faint and many pickups can be a flash in the pan.  With three weeks to go in the season, the Demolition is still in it.  That is all you really want is your team to be still in the hunt. I think its time for a Dear Diary.

Dear Diary

It has been a long way since draft day Mr. Snowball.  I have not lost my mind; snow has come to New England on this very Thanksgiving Day 2005.  My thoughts on Thanksgiving vary but they mostly center on the same place they have always happened.  That place is the traditional family Thanksgiving.

I am lucky to have the very traditions of my childhood linked together into my adulthood.  All of this has gone quite smoothly and there is a hint that time has stood still even though it is apparent that it has not at all.  The children’s table has given way to the adults and their children at the aforementioned respite for the little ones.  The generation has turned over and parents have become grandparents. 

Appreciate these days for an apex is forming and when it breaks down due to nuisances of age and illness, the scene will change.  For some life will bring a gentle curve that makes transition no big deal.  For others, life will bring a step function that destroys the past and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Turkey Day begins anew with nascent traditions unlike those of the previous generation. 

These traditions will be handed down to that children’s table and most likely it will stay the same because they will be the parents and the grandparents yet to come.  Bear this in mind and keep the family close to those traditions you cherish.  Who knows when that apex is coming?

Now it is time for some Turkey.  On one final tidbit of information for all the Virgin Fans, contrary to popular belief, the sleepiness you feel from Turkey day is probably due to too many carbs, not the amino acid L-tryptophan.  My sleepy Uncle Stanley of year’s gone past seems to be more reminiscent of an insulin induced respite, not the Turkey Coma itself as it is affectionately come to be known.  Besides, the mad scientist found out that the L-tryptophan resides in the skin of the bird, not the meat of the bird.  I did not know that?  I never got to eat the skin and Uncle Stanley hated it. So Uncle Stanley probably was all carbed out. 

Master D.

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