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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 11

Get your teams shored up by Thursday at noon ‘cuz it’s Turkey Time. I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  May the holiday bring a brief respite to the weary soul on the march toward prosperity and the hope for a better tomorrow.  Please remember to give thanks and say a prayer for our troops that are not only away from their families on this day but also in harms way.  They fight for the very day we give thanks for and I am extremely appreciative of their service.  We still have extra games to watch this week and turkey to eat.    But we have to speak of the week that was.  I think I am heading toward taking chances.

Taking Some Chances

With the unanticipated departure of Messrs. Portis, I still have a few backup RB to play.  And because Mr. Jamal Lewis is struggling, I will play a guy who can at least get ten points no problem.  That would be Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars. And since the Arizona Cardinals have a tough time getting out of their own way, I will pick up the Detroit Lions Defense.  They have to do something…won’t they?  Or shall I say will they not?

No They Won’t

So Detroit comes out in all it’s defensive glory on Sunday…or shall I say lack thereof and the result is a tough 4 points.  Don’t touch me there because that hurts!  So much for riding the going south team theory my friends.  And why is Jamal Lewis running all crazy this week?  Gee, I sure would have liked those 31 fantasy points to be on the active squad.  But in the end it was a Brees to victory.

A Brees To Victory

Thank you Mr. Drew Brees.  Your 510 passing yards marks the first time this year a QB has thrown for over 500 yards.  ½ mill = WoW!  I picked up Drew in the 7th round of my league draft this year and his performance was good enough for 25 points despite the 3 interceptions!  That performance with some luck propelled the Demolition to an unexpected victory without Mr. Portis.  So let’s help out your team with this juggernaut arm.  That means it’s time for another I.P.T.P.U.

Interesting Players to Pick Up (I.P.T.P.U.)

  I am sure someone has picked up Drew Brees in your league, but how about WR Devery Henderson?  This former LSU Tiger is standing in for Marques Colston who is a little bit banged up.  If Colston cannot go this week, play Devery and watch the fireworks in the climate controlled dome in Atlanta.  Why don’t you add RB Samkon Gado as well?  His performance last week could help if one of your first-line RBs unexpectedly goes down.  It is attrition that rules this time of year.  Jeff Garcia might be able to help someone who needs a QB.  You’d be surprised what a tailored offense can do during this time of the year.

 Be well and enjoy the time with your family

 Master D.

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