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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin, Week 11

It is extra game time,



  This means that the machine that is The National Football League gears up for an All-American two step.

  The time of year has come where games are on Thursdays.

  Then they will be on Saturday after College Football.

  All someone in the League Office has to do is get a Friday night matchup in there some year and we could go Thursday – Monday, football style.

  Please set a special moment in your festivities to think about those who have loved ones in service to our country.

  I know personally what it is like to have a close relative in

Iraq at this time of year and it makes me never forget of those who are still there.

  Even though, as in my case, everyone made it back OK, I will not forget to think about our brave men and women abroad serving our country in time of need.

  This tryptophan coma is for you…along with that chilly weezer in the back of the fridge.

  That is my All-American two step for you.

  Thank you for your service.

  Now to the week that was.

  It is Rom-Owens time!

The Era Of Rom-Owens

The bye weeks are now over so everyone is in play.

  Last week I spoke of T. Romo and T. Owens.

  How they were the new tandem.

  Now if your team has Tom Brady and Randy Moss, you may be experiencing the same thing.

  But in our draft, Brady went early and that caused the Brady selector to eschew the double-up for a RB.

  But T. Romo was there and T. Owens was there for many rounds as everyone picked up horses that have come up lame.

  Now it is the 11th week and they are hitting their stride.

  T. Romo goes for 24 points and T. Owens goes for 49.


   That is good enough for 73 total points in a league where 100 points would have defeated 7 of the 12 teams in our league.

  And when you get a player back from injury, you are piling on.

Welcome Back Mr. A. Johnson

Since you left game two with an injury, I have gone .500.

  But you come back just in time and your 24 points prove that the rust is officially thrown to the side.

  So for three players, it was 97 points.

  It is with these three ponies that I will ride my Fantasy Destiny down the Stretch.

  And the parity in our league this year is amazing.

Six Of One – Half Dozen Of The Other

Not too many players have dominated this year like M. Faulk with those magical years in

St. Louis or even L. Tomlinson last year.

  The result has been parity.

  In my league, heading into this week, no one is better than 6-4 and only three teams are under .500.

  That means that 9 teams are within one game of the lead!

  Such parity is remarkable but without a dominant, consistent, 34 point per week RB, the league bobs up and down like a buoy in choppy water.

  May your ship arrive and pick your crew by Thursday ‘cuz it’s Turkey Time.

Dear Diary

Thanksgiving Day is a time to give thanks for all that we have.

  According to the History Channel, Sarah Hale started a letter-writing campaign that culminated in the Declaration by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, three months after the end of the Civil War, that the last Thursday of November be Thanksgiving Day.

  In the 1920’s, the Detroit Lions, in order to boost attendance in a fledgling National Football League, came up with the Thanksgiving Day Football game.

  It was in 1924 that Macey’s started in with their floats.

  So by the 1920’s, all the pieces of this uniquely American

Holiday were in place. Therefore my grandfather, from his early 20’s until his death participated in

Turkey, Football, and a when TV came about, saw the Parade.


So it is with a very deep thread count the fabric of the Thanksgiving blanket is sewn.

  May your Thursday be relaxing and calm for those brief hours before the storm that is Consumer Christmas.

  Another great American Holiday that serves as appropriate bookends to the New Year.

 Be well and enjoy the time with your family.

 Master D.

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