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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 11

This week is the All-American matchup against your college roommate. What do you do? You pray a little and you hope a little. The bragging rights could go on and on if you come out a loser. And who wants to lose to someone you’ve known for 22 years? Yes, that means we are starting to get seasoned. Just in time for Thanksgiving. OH … sorry. That is next week’s article. What time is it now? It is ‘lucky time.’

Lucky Be The Fool

I am that fool, my friends. My week has turned out to be luck followed by even more luck. In order to win, all you need is just enough points. And fortunately, my team was victorious primarily on the backs of Drew Brees, Michael Turner and the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. This turn of events in combination with a Baltimore Ravens D/ST stinker against the Giants and the result is the difference in the game. I have a great backup in RB Steve Slaton. But how can I start him over Mr. Adrian Peterson? Who knows? Who cares? Just get by the week and let my college roommate lie in wait until next year. I guess I have to talk about those flurries I saw recently.

Weather Or Not You Care

The weather comes this time of year and the Northern part of America delights in the snow, wind, rain and all that is foul caused by Mother Nature. Just look at

Buffalo. Just look at

Pittsburgh. The list goes on and on and unless you are in domes like

Detroit or

Minnesota, the games become the stuff of Lambeau frozen field tundra. Great D/STs take advantage of this and you can get some cheap points in the last three weeks. Look for a bad team playing in the North during a blizzard and watch the points rack up from a 6-3 affair. So use the weather to your advantage and you may come out with the extra point you need to claim victory down the stretch.

Dear Diary

I want to thank everyone who commented on my Diary entry last week. This week the diary heads into the direction less taken. That would be the loss of a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You see sometimes, there are five weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other times there are four weekends. This is the other time, and with the economy in a consumer shock, four weekends are just about all we can handle I guess. But I will enjoy them nonetheless. Take advantage of the season and the economy and give from your heart.

I know this sounds trite, but the best gifts come from time spent interacting with loved ones. They do not come from the wallet. The time best spent comes back in simple pleasures. For example, watch ‘A Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special’ and remember back to those Little Debbie snack cake commercials.

And I didn’t even gain weight for that one.

Master D.

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