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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 11

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! We are the first country to take time out and give thanks. It is a unique family holiday thrust upon all of us and when you partake in this rich tradition, you are the better for it. So I want to thank you Mr. Lincoln for formalizing this day. And I want to thank you, the reader, for your weekly visit. But before I get to that I have to get to the week that was. The injury bug has arisen.

Stomp That Bug!

When you log in and your star running back DeAngelo Williams has not been practicing but they are announcing he is going to play, you have to pause. For one that Thursday game just comes up so quickly and the decisions have to be made quickly.

Any time you make quick decisions, you end up looking foolish. 

I just stood pat and my instincts worked out. 

I did not even start Roy Williams.

He is supposedly red hot, you know?

But don’t chase stats and stick with your best team and it should lead to victory.

I did and I won so I am now 7-4 with three weeks to go.

Maybe you should think about a backup plan?

Wanted: Backup Player Please

I guess this should be the week you turn over your bench and pick up a player like Justin Forsett.

Take a chance on some veterans in a new place like Larry Johnson.

Or take a chance on Kellen Clemens.

If he starts, it may bring life to your lineup.

And all we are trying to do is survive and get to the next week.

Now I must right about the weather for a dark wind may be blowing.

The Winds Of Change

It has been very nice in

New England but a cold spell is forecasted for this weekend.

This is a hint of old man winter coming to places like



Green Bay,


New York and

New England.

The games end up either a shootout (see Patriots winning 59-0 in the snowstorm October 18) or a snoozer of 6-3 and the field goal kicker is even bored stiff. 

The fantasy teams with players in a dome become significant so look for players on those teams as the end of the season comes upon us.

This week’s diary is all about the


Dear Diary

Oh how we love the


And don’t forget, Bob Cratchit got a

turkey from Mr. Scrooge, so it must have been some type of luxury to Dickens and his time.

However much you can say about the

turkey, you can never say enough.

It lasts well in to the first two weeks of December with leftovers going into dishes like turkey sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, turkey quiche, turkey lunches, turkey dinners and such.

How can you go wrong?

So please enjoy your

turkey and your family and those leftovers and the three football games.

Happy Thanksgiving again and to all may you have a great week of merriment.

This is the 49th year Thanksgiving has been at the old homestead.

And the tradition is waning so I appreciate it all the more.

Master D.

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