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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin : Week 11

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving. Thank You Mr. Lincoln and thank you kind reader of this site. I am thankful to be writing on this day and may your Thanksgiving be festive and harmonious. Since you cannot pick your family, I am constantly amazed as to how much, for the most part, we all get along. It must be the holidays and traditions of my youth that make the family aspect of Thanksgiving and holiday occasions so special. So let us see the week that was.

What Kind Of Streak Was That?

Coming into this week I had lost five in a row. Oh, how awkward it has been. My offense zigged when it should have zagged. There are/were systemic problems with the teams associated with my star players. The result was a 4-1 record washed away to 4-6. But tonight things are looking up. My team did not perform spectacularly, but it was enough to squeeze out a win. So now I am 5-6 with three weeks to go and the team names behind my team players are in disarray.

When Was The Last Time We Scored?

When you take the second pick in the draft, you will get a stud running back, but it takes awhile to get back to you. The results are quality wide receivers which make up all the difference in the world when things are going well. The problem is when they are not going well you ask yourself just when was the last time we had a chance to score. And you answer that question begging for some offense when none was to happen. The key wide receivers on my team play for Dallas and Philadelphia. My tight end plays for San Francisco. For a five-week stretch no one came out and scored due to injury like DeSean Jackson or the whole Dallas mess which affected Miles Austin. Vernon Davis has had a bum ankle, but San Francisco cannot seem to find the end zone. So when was the last time we scored? My diary entry goes into giving thanks.

Dear Diary

When I was growing up in eastern Connecticut, there were no wild turkeys. Oh sure, there were pheasants. One actually got spooked and flew through our living room window one year. I don’t know what was crazier. Me seeing the broken window or finding the bird in our living room. The bird never had a chance, but was not D.O.A. It lived a few hours and then perished.  

As for myself, I will be part of a tradition that has been going on longer than I have been on this earth. It will be the 50th anniversary of Thanksgiving at our place. The result is that all will taste a little bit better. The relatives may be a bit nicer. The environment will treat us to family and friendship.

May it work for your family as well.

So please enjoy your turkey and your family and those leftovers and the three football games. Happy Thanksgiving again and to all may you have a great week.

Master D.

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