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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!  OK Johnny or Julie Smartglasses. I have to ask who turned on the A/C across most of the country? The Arctic chill descends and the temperature is not the only thing to experience shrinkage. The ability to score seems to follow. In points per reception (PPR) leagues when the cold comes and it is combined with a blustery zephyr, fantasy points drop like a rock. That only means one thing right? The dome game rules the day!

Dome Game? Why No Dome Game?

For the second week in a row I had the opportunity to take advantage of a game in a dome when the Atlanta Falcons visited the New Orleans Saints. The game had all the makings of a high scoring affair. But the game ended up a win for the Saints with a final score of 17 – 13! Only three points were scored in the 2nd half by both teams! More points were scored in the frigid confines of Green Bay, New York (technically New Jersey), and Foxboro. Come on, now! Why no dome game? Quarterback Matt Ryan, who is 4th in the league in yards, had another game where he could not throw a touchdown. This, in combination with the weather, gives an entirely different meaning to the nickname “Matty Ice” which he got whilst roaming the campus of Boston College.

Someone Is Trying To Look Out For Me

When you are 3-8 you think there is only one direction you can go in. That would be up my friends. But you can always lose the rest of the year and continue the trend downward. I was only up by 10 points and my opponent was playing RB Stevan Ridley. That early fumble took him out of the game and left him with only one point. I guess I dodged that player scoring anymore. Things could be looking up. But in the end, it wasn’t meant to be as QB Colin Kaepernick found the end zone more than Matt Ryan and I am now 3-9. I picked up RB Rashad Jennings and WR Tavon Austin but they could not overcome the prowess of RB Eddie Lacy and RB Adrian Peterson. This proves that cold weather is for running backs when nothing happens in a dome. I am still miffed at that one. My diary entry is, of course, about giving thanks.

Dear Diary

Giving thanks is something special in The United States of America. With the help of President Abraham Lincoln we were rewarded with a Thursday of turkey with the trimmings followed by a Friday of shopping. This day is known as Black Friday, for it was traditionally the day that the retailers went in to profit (a.k.a. The Black) for the year.

They then rode that through the next 4-5 weeks and there you have your profit for the year. This is, of course, different if you are a big company like Apple. That company’s breakeven point comes much earlier in the year.

So, have some Turkey and give thanks for your family. It always seems so fleeting because the accelerator of life appears to be pushed all the way to the floor my friends.

Look no further than the fact that this is my twelfth year of Virgin Articles.
  My, how time flies.

 Master D.

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