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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Last year, Thanksgiving was late and this year it is a little bit earlier.  This means one extra week for Christmas shopping.  All appears to be well with the universe again.  One less week of Christmas shopping is downright awful.  Well speaking of awful.  I have but two weeks to go in the season and my season is just not going so well.

Thank You Miami

With two weeks to go I have to pull out all the stops. So I played the Miami Dolphins going up against a rookie QB Jared Goff.  It has to work, right?  And it did, for I squeezed 15 points out of nowhere.  But my team goes as WR Odell Beckham Jr goes.  So, when Odell only goes for 9 points, my week is not looking so good.  And in the end, I find myself losing.  I have a record of 6-5 and I am hanging on to a playoff spot.  Two wins would be a great way to end the year.

The State of NFL Royalty

There are the haves and the ‘have nots’ in the NFL.  But normally reliable teams are now suffering like the Green Bay Packers.  Who would have thought about that 4-6 start? Tom Brady is setting himself up for a great year.  So is rookie QB Dak Prescott. As Thanksgiving day approaches it appears that the NFL is shaking out some of the normally great teams like the Carolina Panthers and the Green Bay Packers and replacing them with the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders.  Whatever happened to that Philadelphia Eagles hot start?  The entire state of Pennsylvania is struggling with the Pittsburgh Steelers owning the same 5-5 record.   My diary entry is about Turkey Day.

Dear Diary

Thanksgiving 2016 is here.  Everyone around the table are a year older.  Families celebrate everything that is great about America.  How can you go wrong with a Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy to wash it all down?

We watch NFL games and the NFL puts on a show with three games covering 9-plus hours.  All of it is pure theater and for some reason it all works.  So let everyone know how much they are appreciated and kick back and watch some American Football.

The NFL season begins right now.  As teams jockey for final playoff positions we ask where the year went?  The story of the year in the NFL for 2016 has to be the year of the missed extra point.  It makes games much more exciting and the extra point is not a guarantee.  The only thing that is guaranteed is a relative will be experiencing a food coma.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Master D.

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