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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Week 12

OK.  How did I get to here?  With two weeks to go and a four game winning streak, I find myself two games over .500 and riding the warm-ish offense of those New Orleans Saints.  It is times like these that make the blood boil and the turkey digest a little easier.  Even after all those turkey sandwiches.  So let us begin with the week that was.

Go Saints Go

On Sunday around 12:30, it was officially announced that an ankle issue will trip up Marques Colston.  So I replace Muhsin Muhammad with Devery Henderson and the week starts with a bang.  A 76 yard touchdown pass en-route to a 24 point fantasy performance and a victory all around.  Riding the hot team seems to be the norm this time of year.

Hot Offenses Push To The End

Remember when the Eagles looked like they would never lose?  And then they did and then out went McNabb.  Now the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys light up the scoreboard and fill up the stat sheets with numbers.  Whenever you play against one of those fantasy football teams that has players from these hot teams, you just shudder.  But when they are your guys, it seems perfectly alright doesn’t it?  So play the hot hand down the stretch and with two games to go things are looking like there are some possibilities in the league.  But why do I need to play the best fantasy football team in my league this week?

The Tough Road Ahead

You see.  It’s the fact that my opponent this week has that Baltimore Raven Defense.  And they have the potential to pick up 20 points no problem.  And I sacrificed my defensive choice in the draft for more RBs and WRs due to a miscalculation.  So the sins of the past are coming to visit me right now.  My only hope is that Henderson stays in and the Saints remain Hot! Hot Hot!   


 Master D.

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